Supra SWELL surf system

Clean custom shaped waves 
crash into convenience with the Swell, a next 
generation surf system from Supra Boats. The 
convenience of transferring side to side without 
moving ballast or people is only a small part of 
Supra Swell Surf System performance. Two 
sculpted surfer-inspired wave styles, improved 
handling and visibility as well as VISION Touch 
dash integration and customization will 
completely elevate your expectations of wake 
surfing. Precisely designed and built entirely of 
stainless steel, the Swell System is another 
example of passion meeting precision in Supra boats. Surf clean custom shaped waves 
with the Supra Swell, available on 2014 Supra SA and SC models only.

2 Distinct Wave Shapes
While others divert water for wake surfing, Supra shapes it to create clean scalable 
Swell waves. The new Swell Surf System cranks out two distinct waves, on either side, 
to satisfy a variety of surfing styles and skill levels. The Skim wave swells up smooth 
towards the front with a crest that forms on the backend finishing with a small break. 
The shape of this wave creates perfect push from top to bottom for a rider just looking to the throw the rope or a seasoned skim boarder who loves to spin. The Swell's Barrel wave challenges surf skills with an ocean-esque curl, progressive push and a steep drop for pipeline-style carves.
Improved Handling and Forward Visibility
Unlike early surf boats and one-system-fits-all surfing solutions, Swell was designed to 
improve the handling and forward visibility on specific Supra boat models even when 
weighted for surfing. With the Supra surf system engaged the boat's running attitude is 
nearly level regardless of weight distribution. The driver never loses sight of the horizon behind bow rise or has to deal with listed turns. And because the Swell System does not compromise handling at slow speeds, driver's enjoy a quick safe route back to a fallen surfer.
VISION Touch Integration for Quick Side-to-side Transfer
Precisely controlled through Supra's VISION Touch with customizable deployment, this 
system can adapt to each individual's surfing goals and boat set-up even on the fly. 

Choose your desired wave shape, the side you would like to ride and then fine tune 
your favorite waves. If you're looking to transfer, the Supra Swell Surf System allows 
you to transfer the wave from port to starboard in approximately 1.8 seconds.
Precise Next Generation Design and Stout Construction 
The Swell Surf System utilizes high-speed rams to adjust 5/16-inch stainless steel 
blades laser cut and bent to control water turbulence off the rear of the boat's running 
surface. The specially designed trailing edge of these blades, or flaps as these types of elements are referred to in a fluid dynamics, create a vortex-effect behind the boat 
resulting in specific wave shapes. Different angels of deployment of the blades create 
custom effects in the water turbulence to swell-up Skim and Barrel waves. Swell blades 
benefit from a shot peen finish, a strengthening process commonly utilized in 
aeronautical construction, to increase the fatigue life of the piece. The Swell System is 
mounted and held together by a series of stainless steel through-bolts and stainless 
brackets for an extremely stable platform for wave making. The Swell Surf System is 
available on 2014 Supra SA and SC wake boat models only.
Elevate your expectations to a tough stainless steel surf system that produces custom 
waves in addition to convenient side to side transfer controlled at the driver's touch 
screen without compromising handing or forward visibility. The Supra Swell Surf System is pushing the shape of wake surfing beyond better. Visit your local Supra Boats Dealer and surf the Swell!

Posted on November 21, 2013 .