Premier Watersports sharing Supra and Moomba's new manufacturing improvments!

We at Premier Watersports  in Knoxville TN felt it was important to share this new and exciting news from Skiers Choice, manufactures of Supra and Moomba wakeboard boats. This is a very informative document that was sent to us recently. 

Skier's Choice recently invested in a new C.R.Onsrud Tech Series CNC router to build consistency and quality into virtually every substrate part that we manufacture.  Substrates are the composite backing materials that form the base for a seat cushion, upholstered part, or bracing used in the lamination process. A CNC router, short for Computer Numerical Control, starts with a sheet of composite material, and turns it into several finished parts, with the push of a button. (Well, it is not quite that simple, but that is the end result).  It can cut composite sheets up to 5' wide X 12' long and up to 4" thick.

The implementation of a CNC router will be a benefit Skier's Choice and our customers in the following areas: 

1) Part Quality and Consistency - The router eliminates variations due to human contact, or human error. It cuts exactly what you program it to cut, and it cuts them exactly the same, no matter how many parts you ask it to cut. The parts fit as they are designed to everytime. 

2) Speed - This machine can speed up the production of substrate parts up to 90% faster than those machined by hand. For instance, in trial runs this router was able to cut finished parts in 8 minutes, compared to the same operation taking 1 hour by our previous process. This in turn will reduce both material and labor costs, allowing us to provide more value to our customers.

3) Material Efficiency - Part patterns are programmed into the CNC machine that will nest the parts into a sheet of composite material to maximize the amount of material that gets used, while minimizing any waste or leftover material. 

4) New Product Development - We can now design the substrate parts on a CAD (computer aided design) computer as a part of the initial product development process, so that they all fit exactly as they should from the very first part.  This will eliminate a lot of trial and error when it comes to fitting interior substrates, and backing materials, when a new boat is built for the first time. This will in turn speed up the process and reduce the cost of developing new boats. 

5) Versatility - With 12 different cutting heads, this router can not only cut out the substrate to the exact sizes that we want, it can shape the edges in virtually any pattern that we program into the machine.  Bevels of all sizes shapes and sizes are possible. 

6) Return on Investment - Shane Hughes is the man behind the machine at Skier's Choice, and with Shane's guidance and programming skills, the CNC router is already producing quality production parts.  According to Shane: "While a CNC machine is expensive on the front end, we expect it to pay for itself in less than two years.  After that, it will continue to deliver quality, consistency and cost benefits for many years to come" 

The next time you visit Skier's Choice, be sure to stop by and see the quality and consistency that the C.R. Onsrud Tech Series CNC router delivers. You will be amazed at its' speed, accuracy and quality! 

Posted on April 30, 2013 .