A Note From Steve Harbaugh About The New Supras

Midwest Supra friends,

I spent the weekend in Pleasant Prairie, WI at WWA Rockstar Worlds, presented by SUPRA !   Wow, what a great event.

Weather was perfect, riding conditions were perfect, and SUPRA boats was the SHOW !!  If you've never been to Worlds, it is an amazing event... and a 4-day SUPRA-FESTIVAL !!  

The SA550 was a stud, as expected, and riders absolutely LOVED the wakes (even riders from other boat companies told me how much they liked the boat).

The new 2014 SC was also a Super-Star!   We used in for several of the classes, had one anchored right in front of the crowd in the water, and had one on the trailer on the shore.  I was looking forward to hearing comments about the boat, and boy, did I hear some comments.... and they were 100% positive!

Literally, I bet I had 100 people tell me how much they liked the boat!  The wakes, the "look", the interior, the overall styling.  I was very happy to hear the reactions.  Totally positive.   It was very heart warming.

Posted on August 24, 2013 .