New 24' 2015 Supra SE 550 Pulls Worlds


  Recently the 2015 Supra SE 550 pulled the 2014 WWA Wakeboard Worlds Event in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Descriptions such as "best wake ever ridden", "big and meaty", "better than a G and X-Star", not only came from our pro riders but many of the riders in attendance.  This wake was able to aid Supra riders especially, as we now sponsor 4 of the 5 major World Champions!!! Congrats Reed Hansen, Bec Gange, Cory Teunissen, and Sam Brown!   In addition to wake shape and size, everyone was shocked at the handling of the big 24.5' boat in the small course.  See below for a full rundown from staff at the event.


The boat literally had ZERO issues and of the five SC Factory representatives in attendance, none of us can recall a single negative comment. Riders allegiant to different boat manufacturers, hailing from different countries all had wonderful things to say about the SE550 wakes. And these wakes were achieved with nearly stock ballast levels. Even the judges and competition drivers chimed in on the unbelievable performance of the SE550 with the 575 6.2L Roush Supracharged Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar. The handling in the tight turns at the beginning and midway points of the runs on Mills Pond in Fort Lauderdale shined a big light on the impressive handling of this 24.5 foot Supra boat. We had many comments from competitors and spectators amazed at this agile boat’s size. The 2014 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships demonstrated, without a doubt, that passion meets precision in Supra boat! 


There may be a big push right now in wakesurfing (and the SE is truly exceptional in that regard also) but there are still plenty of wakeboarders out there.  With Supra's outstanding performance on the world's biggest stage for wakeboarding and with Mastercraft anncouncing that they are withdrawing sponsorship of the Pro Tour, get ready for a shift in momentum.  Supra is about to be where it deserves, AT THE TOP!  Get Ready!

Posted on October 3, 2014 .