2015 Indmar Transmission Fluid Checking Procedure

Checking Fluid – Shifting Portion – Red Dipstick

  • Start engine and let it come up to operating temperature (160F).
  • Shift transmission to forward and back to neutral then to reverse and back to neutral.
  • Shut engine off.
  • Within 30 seconds of engine shut down, remove the dipstick from the shifting portion of the transmission, wipe it clean and place the dipstick in the transmission but don’t thread it in.
  • Remove the dipstick and check the fluid level. The level should be between the two marks on the dipstick.
  • Adjust Fluid Level as needed.

NOTE: Once you have established the appropriate fluid level, it may be beneficial to let the transmission cool down (preferably overnight) and all of the fluid drain back. Pull the dipstick and wipe it off. Reinstall the dipstick but don’t thread it in. Remove the dipstick and mark a “Full Cold” level on the dipstick for ease of checking in the future. Don’t forget to point this out to the boat owner/operator.

Posted on October 7, 2014 .