FLOW Surf System Set Up Tips

Go with the FLOW! - Optimizing your boat set-up

 The Moomba Flow surf system’s simple & durable design allows the user to quickly change from wakeboarding to surfing with little or no ballast adjustment.  It also allows for easy changeovers between surfing on the port, or starboard side of the boat.  Here are a couple of quick tips that will help you get your boat set up properly with the Flow surf system: 


1)      The flow system should be deployed on the opposite side that you plan to surf.  Deploy that tab only.  The tab on the side you are surfing should not be engaged (full UP position). 

2)      Start with the boat evenly weighted side-to-side.  Flow is designed to allow a quick change-over from wakeboarding to surfing, and from starboard to port side surfing.  Weighting each side evenly makes the system versatile, and convenient.  Putting too much weight on the side you are surfing can negate the effect of the Flow system and cause the wakes to wash out.   

3)      The boat should be weighted 60/40 (total weight, not % of ballast fill) back to front. If you put all of the weight in the back of the boat, the Flow system will not work well. One way to check this is to check the level of the swim platform in the water before surfing.  The platform should be right at water level or just slightly below, but still level.  If the platform is deep under water or at a downward angle, then there is likely too much weight in the rear of the boat (or too little weight in the front).  

4)      Experiment with the 3 settings on Flow to optimize wakes for the load you are pushing and the skill of the surfer.  If you are using stock ballast,  beginners will probably do  best on the first (highest) setting, as it is a steeper wake with the best “push”. This wake is not as long, but Beginners can easily stay in this wake without much movement,   because it is steep.  Most riders will enjoy the middle setting, as it is a nice combination between a longer wake and a solid push.  The last, or lowest setting creates a longer wake that some advanced surfers will enjoy, because they have more room to do advanced tricks, but still have room to "pump" back in, if they fall out of the sweet-spot.      

5)      The wakeplate should start at 50% when surfing in any of these positions. You can experiment slightly with the plate to get the cleanest wave possible.  Depending on the weight in the boat and the specific model, sometimes you may even have to run the plate all up or all down to get best wave.

As most experienced surfers have discovered, there is no perfect setting in wakesurfing. Ballast, people, depth of the water,wind, and even the amount of gas on board can change the size/shape of the wake. Be Flexible, and try new things when conditions change:  

Here are a few extra customizing tips that you can experiment with:

1)      If you want to tweak the wakes a little bit,  shift one extra person to the side you are surfing.  

2)      If you have a heavy load of people, or extra ballast on board, you probably need to use the lower settings on Flow.  The higher settings may cause spray on the face of the wake if you have the boat heavily weighted.  

3)      If a quick changeover (wakeboard to surf, or side to side)  is not a priority, you can always go back to leaning the boat on rear corner, by loading it up heavier.  All of the  Moomba models are capable surf boats, with, or without a Surf enhancement device. The Flow system is designed to add convenience and quick change-overs.  

        Go with the Flow! 

Posted on June 13, 2014 .