2024 Supra Boats Lineup: Unveiling Luxury & Performance

2024 Supra Boats Lineup


When thinking of boats, the right pick isn’t just a water ride; it’s a lifestyle choice, a splash of style, and an open invitation to adventure. And who better to trust in this choice than Supra Boats, a name celebrated for its blend of power, comfort, and innovative flair. Whether you’re an old hand at boating or just starting, Supra shines as the choice for many.  

Premier Watersports, one of the standout Supra boat dealers in Nashville, TN, is thrilled to navigate you through the 2024 Supra Boats selection. Each of our offerings carries a special promise: a guarantee of memorable water outings, state-of-the-art features, and designs that impress both in function and appeal. 

Consider the SA, a new gem in the Supra lineup, skillfully combining top-notch performance with plush comfort. And then there’s the SE, the big player in the Supra range, offering a fantastic blend of luxury with the might of a leading boat. 

With Supra, every journey is a delightful experience, each wave a cherished moment. Let’s dive deep into understanding why the 2024 Supra Boats lineup stands out for boat lovers around the globe.


SUPRA SA: Powerhouse of Precision and Performance

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At a sleek 22.5-foot length, the Supra SA is where sheer power gracefully meets unparalleled precision. Driven by an optionally available Indmar Raptor Supercharged 550 engine, it effortlessly pulls any rider out of the water, promising an adrenaline-charged experience every time. 

Its capabilities don’t just end at power; the SA is integrated with advanced features such as Zero Off and Autowake. These ensure meticulous control, consistently delivering a flawless wake and maintaining an exact speed. With this, riders can wholly focus on refining their skills and pushing their boundaries.


  • Capacity: 16 Persons
  • Length: 22’ 5”
  • Ballast: 3,500LBS
  • Fuel Capacity: 60 gallons
  • Width: 102”
  • Weight: 5,800LBS

Premium Features and Innovations

  • Unmatched Heritage: Having been the star tow boat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour for six consecutive years, the SA has cemented its reputation as the go-to boat for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its design, while versatile, leans heavily on delivering a premium performance every single time.
  • Chill Tech Vinyl: Experience luxurious comfort with the soft, durable seating found in the SA. The Chill Tech Vinyl ensures that even dark-colored seats remain cool under direct sunlight, enhancing your on-board experience.
  • Intuitive Controls: The SA offers a seamless boating experience with controls designed for ease and efficiency. Now, manage wake, speed, audio, and more directly from your steering wheel, ensuring you remain in complete command without any distractions.
  • Rider Profiles: Personalize your ride. With the rider profiles feature, you can set, save, and activate presets with a touch, allowing the Supra SA to automatically adjust to your preferred settings.
  • Quick Launch System: Speed up your adventure with Supra’s launch system. This system synergizes the Swell Surf System and SmartPlate during acceleration, ensuring quicker planing and getting you on your way faster.

For those in the market, our Boats for sale Nashville collection proudly showcases the elegant Supra SA models in captivating shades of Aqua Beige and Aqua White.

SUPRA SL: The Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Performance

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Spanning an impressive 23.5 feet, the Supra SL is a testament to minimalist beauty and functionality. Crafted with a design philosophy that prioritizes simplicity and purity, this boat strips away the unnecessary, leaving only the essential elements of beauty and performance. This ethos makes it one of the most sought-after models in the Supra range. With the ability to comfortably seat 17 people and equipped with a ballast of 4,000 pounds, the SL is the embodiment of luxury and power.


  • Capacity: 17 Persons
  • Length: 23’ 5”
  • Ballast: 4,000LBS
  • Fuel Capacity: 73 gallons
  • Width: 102”
  • Weight: 5,950LBS

Features and Innovations

  • Confidence on Water: The SL’s dominating presence instills confidence and adds a touch of boldness to every water expedition. With a driver-centric helm coupled with unmatched passenger comfort, every journey promises memorable moments for all onboard.
  • Intuitive Controls: Featuring three state-of-the-art touchscreen displays, the SL ensures you’re always in command. From media and lighting to precise wake and surf adjustments, every control is just a touch away.
  • Effortless Surfing: Catering to both beginners and seasoned surfers, the surf tow points simplify positioning for riders. Experience hassle-free surfing and maximize the fun.
  • Adaptable Seating: Redesigned with versatility in mind, the rear-facing flip seat offers multiple seating arrangements. Plus, it seamlessly transforms into an elevated table, enhancing the boat’s functionality.
  • Optimized Ballast System: The subfloor ballast system, equipped with six pumps, provides customizable weight options. Fill it according to your preference to achieve the perfect wake for your adventure.

For boating enthusiasts looking to make a statement, our Supra boat for sale SL model is available in striking shades of Black Cali Blue and Silver Sky Blue.

SUPRA SE: A Masterclass in Luxury and Performance

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The Supra SE reigns supreme as the largest boat in the Supra lineup, stretching an elegant 24.5 feet. Unparalleled in its blend of spaciousness and performance, the SE effortlessly accommodates up to 18 people while carrying a substantial 4,700 pounds of ballast. It stands as the gold standard, encapsulating both luxury and unmatched towboat capabilities. 


  • Capacity: 18 Persons
  • Length: 24’ 5”
  • Ballast: 4,700LBS
  • Fuel Capacity: 83 gallons
  • Width: 102”
  • Weight: 6,150LBS

Features and Innovations

  • Distinctive and Grand: The SE is not just a boat; it’s an experience. Meticulously designed from bow to stern, every square inch speaks of luxury, power, and exceptional design. It is, without doubt, the finest high-end tow boat available today. 
  • Autowake Technology: Achieve the perfect wake without the guesswork. Through analyzing pitch, roll, and displacement, the Autowake technology ensures optimal wave formation. 
  • Gator Step Flooring: Enhance the floor’s appeal with non-skid Gator Step flooring. Tailor it to your style with an array of colors and designs. 
  • Driver Comfort Elevated: The enhanced driver’s seat comes with electronic controls, enabling you to adjust the seating to your preferred positions. Whether you want it raised, lowered, moved forward or backward, luxurious comfort awaits. 
  • Full-Length Sunshade: On days when the sun blazes too strongly, stretch out the bow-to-stern sunshade. Stay protected, stay cool. 
  • Dual Stern Thrusters: Bid goodbye to docking hassles. Maneuvering into tight spots becomes effortlessly simple with the SE’s dual stern thrusters. 
  • Actuated Drop Step: Boarding the SE becomes an event in itself. With just a touch of a button, the DropStep seamlessly deploys from underneath the swim platform. This innovative design offers a stable platform for boarding, ensuring a safe and hassle-free entry into the water. Every moment spent on the lake is elevated, courtesy of this thoughtfully designed feature.

For those keen on embracing this luxury on water, our boats for sale inventory proudly showcases the sleek Black White Supra SE and the stunning Black on Black Supra SE.

Notable New Features for 2024 by Supra Boats

  • Supra Boats introduces Dynamic Sound Design (DSD) technology,  to elevate audio quality. The DSD ensures clear, deep, and precise sound output for a superior audio experience.
  • The Supra Tower showcases a combination of design and functionality. It features industry-exclusive integrated speakers within its side arms. The tower’s design prioritizes both aesthetics and utility, adding a modern touch to the boat.
  • Electric Power Assist Steering new feature brings innovation to boat handling. The Electric Power Assist Steering system offers a responsive and intuitive steering mechanism, replacing traditional manual steering. This technology ensures precise and smooth boat navigation, simplifying the overall handling experience.

Discover the Future of Boating with Supra’s 2024 Collection

The 2024 lineup from Supra Boats stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. Designed with precision, each model promises to deliver a blend of high-performance, ultimate comfort, driving pleasure and state-of-the-art features. These boats are tailored to cater to the diverse desires of boating enthusiasts, ensuring each voyage is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Ready to elevate your boating experience? Make your way to Premier WaterSports, the trusted Nashville boat dealer, and set sail on a remarkable journey with Supra. Plus, with our tailored boat financing options, owning your dream boat has never been easier.