5 facts about Moomba Boats that will blow your mind

Introduction – When watersport enthusiasts generally plan their expeditions out in the deep blue mysterious water bodies,the primary thought that germinates in their minds is to travel in a reliable,high –performing and comfortable motor vehicle to have an enthralling experience.Bang On!That’s what Moomba boats thought to provide.

To get your adrenaline levels surging with your mystical water sport activites,that would procure immense relaxation with peace of mind,”Premier WaterSports”,the most eminent amongst Moomba boat dealers in Tennessee  provides you with top-notch services since 2004 for both re-saleable and fresh Moomba boats.

To help you make your choice with more ease,let us see  some fantastic features that Moomba boats offer to its riders to make each sailing experience more enticing.

  • Excellent Torque Centric Performance

Watersports such as wakeboarding and wake surfing demand boats with great power and torque,which is the exclusive speciality of Moomba boats as they are equipped with the same engines as F-Series Super Duty Trucks.Extraordinary TCP(Torque Centric Performance) and fuel efficiency characterize these boats to be the most affordable choice for adventurous buyers.

  • Perfect Wake

The built in Moomba Smart Plate and Flow 2.0 Surf System provide Moomba boats with an exemplary wake offering every rider a roller coaster wave feel along with a patented AutoWake whose sensor ensures weight distribution by continuous monitoring and auto –ballast adjustment feature to provide the best wake for everyone onboard.

  • Ease and Flexibility

Moomba boats are meticulously designed to proffer pleasure and comfort to maximize the fun quotient of its users.Its inbuilt features like 6.5 inch speakers,Bluetooth fusion stereo,plush convertible seating arrangements accompanied by dual quick- dry and non-skid flooring options lets you forget all your worries and rejuvenate yourselves in the lap of mother nature offering convenience to the epitome.

  • Technically Advanced

The dash of these exotic Moomba boats are designed with a seven-inch touch screen display and wireless phone charging to enhance its sleek appeal.Not only does the display provide the driver with a clear view but also permits swapping with one-touch among myriad of options such as home,control,AutoWake and navigation display.

  • Foldable pro-tower

Along With bimini with surf storage,an additional noteworthy feature of these sensational motors is a stylish pro-tower that folds up and down easily.The surf pylons and standard LED lighting provide great versatility to the overall appeal.

So here we are,introducing our newest range of Moomba boats just for you!So lets get started with our thrilling voyage!You can blindly trust us and make your coveted choice from the list of options mentioned below:

This soon to be launched model can be viewed for now in pictures.Its worth the wait as this buoyantly graceful 18 seater has comfortable lounges for two on the front and 16 on the rear side.With a 6.2 Indmar  400 Raptor engine and funky orange and black,it is sure to be a show stealer.Enjoy your boat expedition with this soon to be launched dashing Moomba model.

Do you wish to be eyed enviously by your peers?Then be the proud owner of this yet to be launched Moomba boat for sale. It has the same engine as the Black Moomba Makai, designed to accommodate 16 passengers with the rider.The platform length is 22 inches with  a fuel capacity of 49.

A sneak peak at this black beauty with a  6.2 Indmar 400 Raptor engine,23 inches platform length offering enough room to store your dinghy or jet ski and a cosy double rear lounge seating arrangement giving a maximum capacity to have 17 persons relish their endeavour with the  mysterious waters.

Without a doubt, this is our presentable metallic splendid model well-equipped with an Indmar 6.2 400 Raptor motor having a fuel capacity of 39 and a draft of 26.One look at this blue phantom would make you set your mind to buy this vehicle on the spot.

This wondrously magical watercraft has a dainty and sober look with off-white beige lounges that gives it a classy aura.This one too has a plush dual rear seating alignment along with a  platform that has a length of 21 inches and 5 meters.So do you think you would opt for this one to spend a splendid day with friends and family out there in the blue waters?

The comfort of this model surely makes you enjoy your cruise,experiencing the water splashes with a seating capacity of 17 and platform length of 22 inches 6 meters.The width of this vessel is 102 inches giving enough room to avoid cramming and colliding while you dance to the tunes of your favourite numbers.

Conclusion – Our motto at Premier Watersports is to provide complete satisfaction to our buyers ensuring good services round the clock. We deal with the new and old versions of Supra, Yamaha and Carolina boats besides our phenomenal Moomba boats collection. So when you think of purchasing a new waterbird think of us.


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