A Complete Guide on How to Find the Right Boat For You That Matches All Your Requirements

Every year more than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating. This means more than 1/3rd of the adult population enjoys boating. Almost 1.5 million Americans buy a new or used boat every year. These boats can vary from large yachts to canoes to small cruisers.

Now if you are among those who consider boating to be your way of enjoyment, thrill, and relaxation this piece of content is for you.


Are you aware of what are the different types of boats available in the market? Technically there are several different types of boats available, but since it is not possible to list all they can be classified into 3 types.

  • Man-powered boats
  • Sailboats
  • Motor-boats

Below we have listed a few major types of boats from the above category that are bought around the world.

  • Fishing Boats
  • Deck boats
  • Dinghy Boats
  • Bow-rider Boats
  • Speed boats
  • Trawler Boats
  • Cabin cruiser boats

Buying a boat requires a huge consideration. You can select from numerous brands and styles of boats for sale available in the market.

Think twice and take the utmost care before you narrow down on your choice. Boats are specialized vehicles, and not like cars. Hence it becomes essential to find out the perfect boat that fits you and your family needs.

Now let’s plunge into the details of how to buy a boat step-by-step…

Boat buying tips generally depend upon the activities you are interested in, the type of propulsion you prefer, the size of the boats you are interested in, the number of people you usually take out, and finally the length of boat you prefer.

Selecting the right boat for me, in this post we offer you valuable tips. The final selection will be yours but you will get a direction to narrow down on your choices.

  • 1. Decide Your Budget

Right from selecting the type of boat from the available boats for sale, several practical considerations can help in determining your budget. Most importantly if you are looking for a boat that you can use for more than 5 years and if you have sufficient funds, then buy a new boat. But before you zero on the vessel that you want to buy check as many reviews and also get familiar with the boat features. 

If you have budget issues then obviously go for a pre-owned boat as it not only saves your money but it can offer some advantages too. For an instant, the pre-owned will come with already installed accessories and safety features, that you will have to spend extra when you buy a brand new one. The only downside of having a pre-owned boat is it may have a few cracks, but since you are a beginner too you might just add a few more blemishes while learning the ropes in boating.

  • 2. Decide the size of Boat to Buy

Are you buying a boat to go for a fun ride with your family and friends? Well, if that’s the case then you will want to buy a large boat that will meet your accommodation needs. But, if you are new at boating then you may find it difficult to handle a large boat. In that case, it is wise to start with a small one and later as you gain experience you may trade for a larger vessel. By understanding your primary use of the boat, you can decide on the size of the boat you will need. 

Also, the following factors play a decisive role:-

  • Location: – When you purchase a boat you need to take into consideration the different environmental conditions. Since boating in the sea or inland lake is different from boating in the oceans. So, if you wish to use the boat on shallow waters or small waterways, a small boat will be sufficient. While on larger waterways a larger boat with a deeper hull will be needed. 
  • People: – It is important to decide upon how many people will accompany you on-board? Will your family, friends, colleagues accompany you? All boats come with a recommended seating capacity. This is generally for safety purposes, and any number above the limit may not be comfortable for a long travel plan. So it is best to accommodate beneath this number for a pleasant trip.
  • Storage: –There is monthly storage costs associated with storing your boat at the marina. Your boat size would determine your monthly storage charges. Even if you own a space, your boat size will matter. You also need to plan in advance for the winter storage.


  • Towing:- When you are trailering your boat, the size of the boat will decide the size of the vehicle you will need to tow it in or the other way round.
  • 3. Examine your boats thoroughly

How important is it to inspect the boat thoroughly before you buy? Well, buying a boat is generally a one time affair so it is important to dig deep, a little beyond what your eyes can see.  All the important components like steering system, electrical systems, propeller, bilge (inside a boat’s hull), engine, and fuel tank should be completely checked. 

Even if the boat is pre-owned, you should check for deep cracks or any significant damage caused due to an accident. Ask the owner for the maintenance records to check the history of repairs. 

And, if you still can’t figure out why this particular deal looks too good to be true, start with a walk around. Head down to the local marina and inquire with people who own the similar kind that you are planning to buy. You can totally rely on their honest feedback and suggestions. 

  • Test Drive in Sea

    Ensure to test drive your boat in the sea before you decide to buy. When you take a test drive make sure that there are no cracks in the hull. Do not shy away from asking questions, if you notice anything odd.  It is always better to observe all the details and then make a purchase since it will be a complete waste of your money to buy a boat that does not run properly. 

  • Marine Surveys

    A marine surveyor can help you with technical specifications if you don’t have much knowledge. Similar to a home inspector, a marine surveyor can guide through ins and outs of the boat that you intend to buy. Once a thorough inspection is done you will know exactly what condition the boat is in.

  • 4. Finalize your deal

Buying a boat can be very emotional, so it is important to keep your feeling aside while striking a deal. When you come to close the purchase process, there is much more to know than just the list price and features of a boat. You need to discuss everything with the dealer starting from insurance, registration, accessories, dealer fees; storage, and upkeep to determine the full cost of boat ownership. Also, you need to be aware of a few additional costs not listed on the sticker price to avoid surprises later.

Before you avail the delivery and ownership, ensure the delivery process. Before taking the keys, inquire about the maintenance or repairs with the dealer’s shop.

In case of a private sale make sure that the owner actually owns it. Check all the paperwork carefully and if the boat is kept at the marina or a yard make sure to check for any outstanding bills on the boat.

  • 5. Resale Value

Always remember that the boat that matches your need, budget and lifestyle today may not be the same for you after a few years. You may develop a need to go for a bigger boat or even go for a downsize. Secondly, you don’t always buy a boat for self-use it can also be looked as an investment that can also be enjoyed.

Considering the above factors it is best to maintain your vessel well so you can recoup some of its cost at the time reselling.


After a brief consideration of the above points now it’s time to enjoy your favorite boat ride. You will fall in love with nature and boating adventures.

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