Best Boats For Day Cruising: How To Choose The Right One?

Boating is one of the very few activities that allow every individual to enjoy in his/her own right. If someone loves a solo backwater ride, there is a boat that facilitates the same. And if there is a group of students who want to party in the middle of the sea, many boats facilitate that.

Also, there are a select few who love cruising in the day. With no particular destination in mind and miles of water at their bay, cruising is second to none.


Have you ever seen pontoon boats with a board — ‘boat for sale? If you have not, the next time you see one, grab that offer. There are a select few boats that are designed to provide utmost comfort to the individuals traveling. Pontoon boats are one of the best boats for day cruising.

Here is a list of boats for day cruising and how you can choose the right one:

Runabouts or Sport boats:

These boats are known as the ‘Social Boats’ as they are meant for easy interaction with the passengers. These boats have a dual console with stackable tables, sun pads, upholstered bench seating, and various fun activities.

Many of the runabouts have extra space for storage for tables, coolers, water toys. Sport boats and runabouts also feature the following:

  • 12-volt chargers
  • Drink holders
  • USB ports
  • Marine stereos with various speakers

These are called the fun day boats, which carry outboard propulsion that runs up to 40-feet with some additional amenities. For example, kitchens, televisions below the deck are common sights.

Boat dealers love these for the simple reason that it has a lot of demand. Families on holiday, groups of friends, these boats serve their purpose at ease.

Deck Boats:

Most of the deck boats get designed with the layout of the sport boat. They have dual consoles and a walk-through windshield to access the forward seating. Compared to the sport boats or runabouts, the deck boat has a wide bow that gives more space.

These deck boats are similar to Supra boats and Moomba boats in physical appearance. Although the utility of these boats varies, they are pretty efficient for day cruising.

The deck boats are a modern delight. They have digital helms which feature custom multi displays with 12-volt chargers, USB ports, marine stereos with various speakers. Like the runabouts or sport boats, the deck boats do have outboard propulsion, which comes with multiple outboards.

Pontoon Boats:

Boat dealers’ favorite — Pontoon Boats are a true allrounder in the waters. These are some of the stable, versatile, and comfortable boats for day cruising. By adding the center pontoon tube, ‘Tri-toon,’ the Pontoon boats become fast and stable, which exceeds 50-knots. There are many Pontoon boats for sale, with multiple features such as:

  • Entertainment systems
  • Wet bars
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Summer kitchens
  • Upper decks
  • Water slides

Most pontoon boats can give seats to dozens, upholstered bench seating, plush, etc.

Power Catamarans:

The power catamarans are large boats designed for individuals to be lived for weeks at a point in time. These are also designed for cruising with friends and family. The boat has a powerful beam that comes along with the twin hulls.

Also, the power catamarans boats are very stable and make desirable platforms for different water adventures and activities. Ideally, cruising in power catamarans is pre-planned and professional. Although this may seem formal, the joy of cruising and the feel of adventure is still intact. The power catamarans make use of the outboard engines, which have state of art control systems.

If you are hesitant about investing in a professional power catamaran, there are select alternatives. Yamaha boats are a crowd’s favorite and are just about perfect for day cruising.

They are comparatively more compact than the power catamarans. However, they are more adventurous and powerful, despite the size limitations. Most boat dealers invest in these boats as they are very flexible. They can be used for various purposes and their efficacy never drops.

How to choose the right boat:

Regardless of the destination, you want to head to, it is essential to choose the right boat. Many aquatic adventures rely on the kind of boat you choose. Hence, before making any decision, make sure you ask yourself these questions –

  • How many people are going to be on the board?
  • Will the boat be carried on the sheltered waters, or plan to cruise out to lakes, oceans, lakes, etc.?
  • How far do you plan to cruise out?
  • Will you be going for a day cruising in multiple weather conditions, or would you be going out only when the weather is ideal?
  • Will you be spending more time on the cruise, or would you be more interested in reaching a new destination?

Here are the points to keep in mind while choosing the right boat:

Day cruising with the crowd — If you plan to travel with friends and family, you will need a big boat. Some of the right options for the big cruise include:

  • Pontoon Boats
  • Bowriders
  • Cabin cruisers

Where are you planning to go boating?

The type of water plays a massive role in choosing the kind of boat you end up choosing. One of the most important things to make sure of is choosing the boat that is appropriate for rough use. While choppy waters require a more robust boat, smooth cruising is possible on most of them.

Now that you saw a board with a ‘cruise boat for sale’ and you invested in it, what next?

Buying a boat is the easiest step in the journey of boat owners. But what is important is that you need to maintain it healthily. Especially during the off-season, storing the boats can be a great hassle.


Hope with this blog we have sorted all your queries about how to choose the best day cruising boat. So now all you need to do is get in touch with Premier Watersports, the best boat dealer in Knoxville, to buy your dream boat and go sailing.