Routine Boat Service

Boat servicing in Knoxville, Nashville, Gallatin, LaFollette, Jacksboro, Norris Lake

When it comes to boat ownership, no one wants to experience downtime during the peak season. That's why it's crucial to safeguard your investment by following the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. By promptly carrying out these routine services, you can avoid expensive bills and unwanted periods of inactivity. Given our extensive industry experience, we understand that servicing is not always the most glamorous aspect of owning a boat. Hence, we strive to provide an exceptional and hassle-free experience every single time.

Preventative Maintenance Advantages

When considering the advantages of regular and proactive maintenance, the benefits far surpass the associated costs. Neglecting proper servicing not only puts you at risk of expensive damages but also significantly reduces the lifespan of your boat. Let's take your engine as an example: whether you're surfing or leisurely cruising on the lake, your engine is constantly operating. Over time, certain components are designed to wear out, and without replacing these parts, you expose yourself to the possibility of a catastrophic failure while on the water, leading to downtime and an unpleasant experience.

Our Service Guarantee

At Premier Watersports, we prioritize our customers' needs when it comes to our service guarantee. Drawing from our personal experience as boaters, we understand that boat servicing has often been viewed as a less glamorous aspect of ownership. However, our aim is to challenge that perception and make boat servicing a seamless experience. Our commitment goes beyond providing a frictionless process; we also strive to address any boat issues efficiently and get it right the first time.

Common Services


Engine, Transmission, V-Drive, Lower Unit

Impeller Replacement

Prevent overheating issues by replacing your engine impeller. Reduce ballast fill time by replacing worm ballast impellers.

Engine Tuneup

Spark plugs, Plug Wires, Cap and Rotor

Parts & Services

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