Comparison Guide: Pontoon Boats Vs. Tritoon Boats


Over the years, Pontoon boats have evolved with different advancements in technology and design. These new features in pontoon boats have made them more versatile, reliable, and easier to use than ever before.

One such evolution in the world of pontoons that may have caught your eye is the tritoon. Tritoons are pontoon boats outfitted with a third pontoon, or /”tube,/” in the middle of the boat. This third pontoon gives the tritoon more stability and lifting power than a traditional pontoon boat.

So is a tritoon better than a pontoon? To help you make an informed decision, we/’ve put together this comprehensive guide comparing tritoon and pontoon boats.

Definition of Pontoon and Tritoon Boats

What is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat consists of two metal, plastic, or fiberglass pontoons (also called tubes or logs) that are parallel and connected by a series of cross-members. The pontoon boat/’s deck is then built on top of these pontoons.

What is a Tritoon Boat?

A tritoon boat is a three-hulled pontoon boat. In addition to the two traditional pontoon logs, a tritoon has the third pontoon in the middle of the boat. This help distribute the weight of the boat more evenly and provides more stability.

Basic Comparison Between Pontoon and Tritoon Boats

Pontoon Boats:

  • These crafts have a wide range of sizes from 16 to 27 feet.
  • Require a motor with a minimum of 25 Hp.
  • It can take between 8 to 20 people
  • Average costing is between $15,000 to $20,000

Tritoon Boats: 

  • Tritoon boats have a length that starts from 22 to 30 feet.
  • Require a minimum of 250 Hp motor.
  • It can hold between 14 to 25 people onboard.
  • The average cost of a tritoon boat is between $30,000 to $35,000.

Pontoon Vs Tritoon: Pros and Cons

Both pontoon and tritoon boats have their own sets of pros and cons. Here/’s a quick look at some of the key differences between these two types of vessels:

Pontoon Boats: 



  • One of the most significant advantages of pontoon boats is their affordability. They are typically less expensive than other boats, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • A pontoon boat is ideal if you sail on a narrow area filled with small waves. The flat bottom and the two logs make it easier for these boats to cut through small waves.
  • Pontoon boats are also very easy to operate and maneuver. Even first-time boat owners will have no problem steering and docking a pontoon boat.


  • When it comes to fighting big waves, pontoon boats tend to fare worse because of their limitations in horsepower.
  • Pontoon boats provide less sturdiness in the water, which can be a problem sailing in choppy waters.
  • Pontoons have less buoyancy than tritoons, which can be an issue if you carry many people or cargo on board.

Tritoon Boats:



  • Tritoons can easily travel across big waves because of their increased horsepower.
  • The third pontoon in the middle of the boat gives it more stability and makes it less likely to tip over.
  • Tritoons also have more storage space and a larger fuel tank making them ideal for long fishing or cruising trips.


  • The increased horsepower of tritoons also means that they are more expensive than pontoon boats.
  • Carrying and launching a tritoon boat can be difficult because of its size and weight.
  • Tritoons also require more maintenance than pontoon boats because of their additional parts and features.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Pontoon and Tritoon Boats


Now that you know the key differences between tritoon and pontoon boats for sale, it/’s time to decide which one is right for you. To help you make your decision, here are some of the critical factors you should consider:

Weather Conditions:

Compared to a pontoon, tritoons are better equipped to handle choppy waters and big waves. But if you/’re mostly sailing in calm waters or lakes, the power of tritoon may be overkill for your needs. In this case, a pontoon boat would be a better and more affordable option.

Water Sports:

Despite its powerful engine, a tritoon is not the best boat for water sports because of its large size and weight. This factor makes it difficult to tow and maneuver, which is essential for most water sports activities.

If water sports is what you/’re looking for, you should simply think about getting a pontoon with a powerful engine.


A pontoon boat will be ideal if you/’re an avid fisherman who regularly enjoys fishing on quiet lakes.

On the other hand, tritoons would be a better option for deep-water angling in huge lakes or the ocean. The increased horsepower and storage space of a tritoon boat will come in handy when you/’re out on a long fishing trip.

Expert Tips:

When buying a new boat for sale, always consider the factors that drive you to purchase the vessel.

These factors include the activities you/’ll be doing, the people you/’ll be carrying, and your budget for the purchase.

Wrap Up

After reading this comprehensive guide, we hope you now have a better understanding of pontoon and tritoon boats. Weighing the pros and cons of each type of boat will help you decide which one is right for you. Remember to consider the factors we mentioned to ensure you make the best decision for your needs.

And once you/’ve decided on the perfect boat, check Premier Watersports for the best selection of pontoon and tritoon boats for sale!

Happy boating!

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