Digital Marketing Tips for Water sports business to get more customers in 2021

Water sports is meditation. 

Exaggeration, maybe? But, hear me out. You can enjoy it in a plethora of ways, amidst two natural forces — wind and water. Kitesurfing, Sailing, swimming — these are all exhilarating activities that are pure bliss. The joy of forgetting oneself in water sports is ineffable.


Do you know how valuable water sports are? No. Not the philosophical values of fun, bliss, and tranquility. 

But, the monetary value of the water sports industry? It is humongous. Let me give you an associated statistic to gain perspective. The global water sports equipment and gear industry is projected to reach 55.2 billion US Dollars by 2027. The expected annual growth is 3.6% from 2020 to 2027.

Let that huge figure sink in. And I will let your imagination power drive you crazy about the valuation of the water sports in its entirety.

After a stagnant 2020, the industry is bound to boom. Be it surfing classes or exotic sailing experiences, there is scope for exponential growth.

Now, multiple businesses are revolving around water sports. How will yours stand out?

Your business can stand out by harnessing the potential of digital marketing. Wait. I am not asking you to spend on Google Ads that read — ‘Boats for sale! 50% off’. Though paid ads are a part of digital marketing, they are not the only measures. Social media marketing, SEO, dedicated websites are all opportunities to get your business to stand out.

Before diving into the specifics, let us see why digital marketing is the way forward.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:


The Internet is affordable. Using it does not cost much. Leveraging its potential for marketing purposes is quite inexpensive.

Targeted marketing

Distributing ‘Boats for sale!’ Fliers to everyone in your city is not marketing. The internet helps in identifying your customers and targeting them with relevant ads.

No geographical boundaries

Digital marketing allows you to interact with audiences from different countries. To attract unknown, yet potential customers, providing free information are advisable.

Immediate communication

With the internet, people can engage with the content you are posting. Try to add information and tips on the latest trends and seasons, as it is winter season boat lovers are worried about how to prepare boats for the winter season. So, posting fresh and helpful content help you to drive more traffic. From a small comment to valuable reviews, instant engagement improves your business’ visibility.

These are a few advantages of using digital marketing for your watersports business. Now, into the details. By 2021, this will act as an actionable guide for your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Tips For Water Sports Business:

1. Post and publish value-rich content

The most essential part of digital marketing is to provide value. No! Not value that is monetized. But, you need to post and publish value-rich content, free of cost. Why?

This acts as the building block to gaining credibility. In the saturated digital space, it takes less than a week for you to be replaced. Another similar business with better content can drive all your audience away. 

Therefore, providing tips consistently will help in the branding of your business.

Identify the right platforms for your content and start posting consistently. Add visual-based content for better traction.

2. Engage with your audience

Posting pictures on Instagram and just counting the likes will never help you succeed. You will have to engage with your audience at a personal level. What does this mean? You must never have a cookie-cutter response for every comment. A personalized response goes a mile in establishing a personal connection with your audience.

Devote substantial time in engaging with your audience. This helps you in gaining extra perspective. Also, this acts as a primary source of market research. The trends and preferences of the audience can be gauged by constantly interacting with them.

Start with responding to each comment and feedback. Once a substantial audience is built, engage them in fun-filled challenges, relevant to water sports.

3. Relevant giveaways

Freebies are always a great tool to attract an audience. This ensures greater visibility on social media for your business. Also, this acts as a non-persuasive way of gaining traction. With giveaways, heads turn towards you and this furthers the word of mouth marketing.

What to giveaway? Anything that is of value and relevance to the watersports business. With the watersport gear industry rallying along, it is a nice idea to give away a gear or two.

Associate yourself with a gear company or boat dealers to reduce expenditure. Keep an eye on the trends and preferences. They give a fair idea of what your audience would love as a gift.

4. Drive online traffic to offline activities

Understand that your ultimate goal is to improve your watersports business. Be it sales or rides, your business needs to benefit from digital marketing. No number of followers or subscribers are useful if they do not contribute to your business.

Now, you can use targeted ads to project deals and offers on offline activities. Since the audience already knows you by your social media presence, the trust factor is achieved.

Leveraging your social media presence and converting them into sales is a tedious task. But, with the right amount of traction and repurpose marketing, your business is bound to benefit.

5. Build a community

Having a brand on social media provides you a large window of opportunities. From connecting with like-minded individuals to potential customers, the chances are endless.

Likewise, invest your time in building a community. This ensures consistent interaction and marketing. In the case of a closely-knit community, your future boating business ideas can be discussed. Additional perspectives are gained. Monetary help or connections can also be expected, with the right set of people.

For this, consistent value provision is the key. Unlike social media marketing for your business, a community is always driven by individuals. Henceforth, carefully invest your time and energy in building an online community.

These are key steps for you to grow your watersports business in 2021. If any of these seem alien to you, invest in a digital marketing agency to harness the internet’s potential. And provide you with result-driven comprehensive solutions for all your digital marketing needs.