Enhance your boat expedition experience with Sylvan Pontoons!

Do you have an ambition of travelling through waters? Embark a boating expedition to relish the beauty of clean, deep waters and delve into the mysterious water bodies and lands that are solely accessible through waterways assisted by one of the best boat dealers since 2004, “Premier watersports”. Boat expeditions explained as “Cruising” and “Sailing”, are amazing adventures landing you in the beauty of water bodies. You can go fishing along with these water expeditions. We, as dealers of boats and cruises, try to make every boat expedition more mesmerising with a wide range of boats and cruises. Among all the cruises and boats, Sylvan Pontoon boats are the hottest-preferred ones by boat adventurers.

What are pontoons?

Pontoons are buoyant devices that help any object float on water. And thus, pontoon boats are flat containers with the luxurious driver as well as passenger seats along with extensive pedestrian passages in between.

Why choose Sylvan Pontoons among all?

Sylvan Marine is the pioneer of manufacturing Pontoons since 1947. It still builds the best pontoons bringing high-tech engineering and opulent comfort for the rider, both in one boat. All the models by Sylvan aim at giving you the ultimate peace of mind. They use better building materials, advanced designs, more amount of fasteners and reliable fusion. Premier water sports is one of the best Sylvan Pontoons dealers with an exclusive range of pontoons by the company. We have been working as Sylvan boat dealers since 2004. Moreover, we have been dealing with boats by numerous manufacturers since the inception of our dealership firm.

Our range of Sylvan Pontoons

Premier water-sports offer a vast array of Sylvan Pontoons. Each Pontoon carries exclusive features for the boat riders. You can trust us as Sylvan Boat dealers and take away your favourite Pontoon among the collection mentioned below:

Be ready to spend your day on the water with this pontoon model. The dual rear lounge gives ultimate comfort during boating. When you wish to go cruising, you can flip the seats and get a compatible L-shaped group seating. We offer various colours for these pontoons viz. Brown, champagne and Wave blue. These boats are well equipped with Yamaha four-stroke engines and seating capacity of 12 including the boat rider. Moreover, a swim platform extends from the boat surface for you to enjoy your favourite water sports during the voyage.

Enjoy the splashes of clean and mysterious waters with this pillow top model with rear and the bow forward-facing lounges with helm chairs placed side by side. We offer a charming blue coloured model of this pontoon boat with a seating capacity of 12.

This model by Sylvan Pontoon is well designed with four lounges, out of which two are at the front, and the other two are at the rear end. This is one of the best-preferred models of Sylvan Pontoon boats with comfortable seating and space arrangements as per the customer reviews revealed by Sylvan Pontoon dealers.

Enjoy your boat expedition with this three lounge pontoon boat set-up with a seating capacity of 12 people. You get enough space to dance, laugh, and enjoy your adventure with this pontoon boat.

With a capacity to accommodate nine passengers, this pontoon boat model is known for its comfort among the customers of Sylvan boat dealers. It is well equipped with a Yamaha four-stroke engine and strong fasteners. Enjoy your voyage with this exclusive design.

Relish the beauty of waters with this model of Sylvan pontoon boat. It has comfortable lounges on the rear side and two seats on the front that accommodates a total of 9 passengers.


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