Functional Supra Boats For Sale – Great Pick For Water Sports Lovers!

Chilling in the middle of deep blue waters and enjoying the cool breeze with a thrill of adventure! Do you have a burning passion for such water sports? Premier Watersports have come up with an exclusive range of Supra Boats to enhance your experience in the water. The Supra boats are designed with an innovative dash to enhance the driver experience. Moreover, the features like audio systems, comfortable seating arrangements, and a better outlook, etc. have been the major attraction for users. Explore our online store and shortlist the ones that fit your water adventure and get it from our stores in no time. Here is the list of Supra Boats For Sale at Premier Watersports:

This is the biggest towboat offered by supra boat dealers with an aim to give an experience of towboat luxury to the customers. With a length of 24’5”, this model can accommodate 18 people. It has a power holding tower along with the exclusive sound system by JL audio.

With 3,500 lbs sub-floor ballast, seating capacity of 16, and FxONE Folding Tower with a competition hull, enjoy everything you need to achieve on water. The Dash is equipped to access all the boat controls at one-touch through a small device. This supra boat also has sundeck flip-up backs for travellers’ comfort.

Enjoy the water ride with this older but well-built and innovative model of the boat by Supra. With a seating capacity of 16 and Indmar 575 Supercharged Raptor engine, you can enjoy riding with your loved ones with no obstructions in your water ride.

Fuel your water sports passion, with this model of Supra boat for sale with high-tech architecture. This towboat throws away massive waves and gives a great surf performance. A seating capacity of 17 is arranged in the boat with a length as long as 23’5″. It is equipped with a wireless phone charging pad, better quality surf plates, and an innovative dash with a one-touch system that can access all the boat controls. Moreover, you get a highly spacious swim platform at the posterior of the boat.

Enhance the beauty of orange colour with all the features of towboats from Supra SL series. It is also a boat with seating arrangement of 17 and all the features from 2020 Supra SL 400 Black/Blue model.

If you are fond of green colour with higher-performance boats, this model by Supra boats is an end to your quest. With all the exclusive features of Supra SL series, this boat is offered at an affordable rate to enhance your water experience.

This model is highly recommended by Supra boat dealers. It comes with an attractive outlook, a transom design that provides a mid-water swim platform and comfortable water ride even in high traffic conditions, auto-levelling technology with SwellTM Surf plates, JL audio system and a ballast system of 3,500 mega velocities. If you have plans to travel in a group of 16 people, this is the best-suited supra towboat for your water ride.

Enjoy riding the SE model by Supra boats with enhanced strength through a high-power engine. The boat has an audio system and a ballast system with 4,100 lbs mega velocity. The boat has an innovative dash designed to take the driver’s experience to higher levels with the VisionTM Control System.

This boat by Supra has a rich outlook due to the shining copper colour.  With an extra bow comfort, a ballast system of 4,100 lbs mega velocity, FxONE folding tower, and premium JL audio system, this boat is well-designed to give an exclusive water ride to 18 people at a single time.

Premier WaterSports is one of the best Supra boat dealers with latest as well as older models of Supra boats for sale. The boats are equipped with high-tech set-up and comfortable seating arrangements. Enjoy the splashes of water and experience the water sports in the middle of waters with these boats at affordable rates. Hurry up and grab your favourite Supra boat from our collection before we go out of stock!