How Most Advanced Supra Boats Can Give You Driving Pleasure

Supra boats provide the best wakes for the riders and are often the popular choice in terms of reliability and performance. With its luxurious facilities and smooth functionality, Supra wakeboard boats are built for those who love the exciting and adventurous feel of the watersports.

The makers of Supra boats, Skier’s Choice, have come a long way since its inception. As the manufacturer of Moomba boats and Supra boats, they have pretty much covered the typical range of watersport boats. While Moomba boats are aimed for the average person who wants to have a decent wakeboarding experience, Supra boats are more of high-end models that offer superior wakes.

1. Smoothly Sail Over the Waves

Supra boats are fitted with the specialized autopilot system called the AutoWake technology that helps to maneuver over the waves effortlessly. The AutoWake technology is a patented management system of the Supra boats. With this system on your boat, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your hull position while riding the waves. It automatically manages the location of the hull no matter what kind of turbulence you are in without you having to steer it right.

It is the distinctive feature of Supra boats as you can never find such control in any other towboat. Even it times when there are many elements in action varying with respect to the waves, the AutoWake keeps the hull position intact, making it easier to sail on the waves.

The manufacturer is continually redefining and improving the AutoWake technology with the addition of new sensors to customize according to the rider’s profiles, predictive features to adjust the swell and many more.

2. Luxury, Comfort and Control in Your Hands

Supra boats have literally taken the terms control and comfort to a whole new level with the Vision Control system. The advanced touch-screens that give complete control to the rider are designed to ensure that you get to select all the required options in no more than two touches!

With the touch of a single button, you can control and take pretty much any action you require, including the boat’s audio, lighting and steering. Due to the intuitive interface of both the touchscreens, it becomes easier for the driver to control the boat even in chaotic environments without any time lags.

3. Premium Features for Every Model

Usually, in various boats, they have a standard set of basic features that is present in all their models and some premium features for which you need to upgrade. However, Supra wakeboard boats provide the premium features unanimously as the standard features for all the models of Supra boats. Here are some of the noteworthy features:

  • FxONE Power Folding Tower – Supra boats have made it simple to deploy the folding tower with the push of a button. The actuators automatically unfold and lock the system in its secure position. You can further get this in various colors and customize your boat as you wish.
  • Flip-Up Backs – When you are stationary in the middle of the sea, you can put out the flip-up sundecks, sit back and bask in the view.
  • Chill Tech Vinyl – The interiors of the boats when driving around in sunlight will give you heavy burns and that’s why Supra boats have rectified this situation by using vinyl that resists absorbing the heat. Now you can choose from any of the dark-colored interiors without the worry of burning yourself or your passengers.
  • Integrated Steering Wheel – This steering wheel allows you ample options for controlling the audio, surfing and riding on the waves apart from steering. Supra boats were one of the first to bring this system of the integrated steering wheel which was soon incorporated in other boats.

Every feature on the Supra boat was designed by keeping in mind the luxury of the drive. By providing the best features at affordable rates, Supra boats have placed itself as a top choice in the high-end boat models.

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