Ride with the Wave on Futuristic Moomba Boats

When comfort, style, and adventure are put together in a single package, the result looks a lot like Moomba!

Moomba boats are one of the finest choices for those into active boating, something on the lines of wake surfing or wakeboarding. With various designs of the Moomba boats released with brand-new features in the last year, riding on a boat has never been made this fun!

At Premier Watersports, we have the best new and pre-used Moomba Boats for sale. As we are one of the top Moomba boat dealers in Tennessee, we provide full servicing options for the Moomba boats. We take in the pre-used boat, perform a complete makeover, improve its functionality and working and present a Moomba boat that is as good as new!

If the adrenaline-rushing rides are your thing, then Moomba boats are just what you need to invest in!

Experience the Feel of Riding on the Highest-Performing Towboat

For all those who love water, sun, and wind, owning a Moomba boat is a dream come true. Moomba boat is one of the most reliable boats in this category with high-quality engines that provides a memorable experience every time!

Moomba boats are not only the best boats in terms of its performance but also in terms of the way it makes the owner feel. When we say Moomba boats provide a complete boating experience, we mean the entire package to make you feel comfortable and ultra-stylish.

  • AutoWake Technology

The patented AutoWake Technology present in Moomba boats is its top feature that makes boating even better. As a towboat, it is difficult to hold the hull in its exact position. However, Moomba’s AutoWake technology has aced it no other. With just a press of a single button, the hull is held at a constant place with the help of several sensors and software making it one of the best autopilot systems ever found in boats!

  • Touchscreen Display

You have full control of the Moomba boat with the touchscreen display dash at the front to give a clear view of the driver. This screen contains all the navigation controls that enable the driver to ride into waves effortlessly and exercise easy control over the ride.

  • Premium Audio

Every Moomba boat is fitted with a premium audio system complete with marine-grade audio components like speakers, Bluetooth connections and so on to give a wholesome boating experience. These will be one of the best features that your friends and family will enjoy when you take them out for an adventurous boating experience.

  • Bow Filler Cushion

In some of the recent 2020 models of Moomba, the addition of the bow filler cushion provides extra legroom and easy and secure walk-through options when you have the walk behind. It also doubles up in the safety aspect providing sufficient legroom for kids to have their grip when you are zooming in for an adventurous ride.

  • Easy Clean Floors

You can never drive a Moomba boat like it’s meant to be without getting water inside the boat. But don’t let it give you a hard time worrying about all the work you need to do to clean the boat. Moomba boats come with fast-dry carpet that gets dried on its own in swift time. So, drive as crazy as you can without any worries about the cleaning work!

  • Assist for Tower

This is one of the new features in the Moomba Kaiyen. The Pro Tower with the foldable assist will help you to fold it easily and keep it inside the garage door. Apart from the easy way to fold the tower within a jiffy, this new feature also has surf storage with LED lightings on the size to compliment the feel of the terrific Moomba Kaiyen!

What Moomba Boats We Have at Premier Watersports?

We are top Moomba boat dealers specializing in both new and pre-owned Moomba boats. We have the latest models of new Moomba boats that take your ride into the water a notch high. Our pre-owned Moomba boats are kept at its highest level of performance, all you need to think about is driving fast and into the water in style.

We have some of the best Moomba boats for sale at our store like:

  • 2020 Moomba Max
  • 2020 Moomba Makai
  • 2020 Moomba Kaiyen
  • 2020 Moomba Craz
  • 2019 Moomba Craz Pro

These Moomba boats have seating capacity between 15 and 19 people with high engine capacity and state-of-the-art comfort features designed to uplift your boating experience.

Premier Watersports are one of the popular Moomba boat dealers in Tennessee because we promise nothing second to the best. All of our Moomba boats are maintained at high quality to present to you a rapturous first ride experience!

Don’t you want to own such a super-fast and stylish Moomba boat? Well, give us a call at 865 693 9949 or email us at info@premierwatersports.net to know our best rates!