Ride With the Waves On Versatile Supra Boats

Although Skiers choice is the proud manufacturer of both Moomba and Supra towboats, Supra is often referred to as the Cadillac version of Moomba with some authentic functionalities which permits you to manoeuvre the boat without much effort over the waves in any kind of tide and luxurious facilities such as FxONE power-folding tower, flip-up backs and chill tech vinyl that makes your wakeboarding experience overwhelming to the core.

Supra Boats with its extremely affordable pricing cater to the high-end models for water sport activities due to its superior wake functionality, a distinctive feature that one cannot be find in any other boats. The excitement, adventure, and adrenaline rush that these boats offer to its riders is something unimaginable. Why wait, rush to buy a Supra boat from the best Supra boat dealer in Tennessee, Premier Watersports.

Before you visit us personally, we would like to give you a brief idea about the latest Supra Boats line-up available at our stores. So just fasten your seat belts to enjoy yourself in the splashes with the Supra boats. A detailed list with a few features is mentioned below:

As mentioned earlier, this supra version provides absolute comport to let your cruise be a pleasurable experience providing cozy dual rear seating arrangement for 18 persons with a collapsible seat in the middle area. The platform length is 24inches and it is well-equipped with an Indmar 6.2 Supercharged 575 engine. For all you water crazy people, don’t think much, just go for this supra and enjoy your wonderful ride.

This one is coming soon to fascinate you, with a sports car-like visual appeal this Supra boat model is ought to be an eye turner. It has a whopping 6.2 Indmar 400 Raptor engine with a 22 inches 6-meter platform. Line up soon to be amongst the first to own this classy supra model.

Imagine yourself waking through the waters, amidst the flora and fauna of the immaculate gigantic waters in this Supra boat. It ought to be a mesmerizing experience to travel in a versatile boat like this one with a 23 inches 5 meters platform, 28-inch draft and a 2.2 Raptor 400 engine.

Shining like the yellow sun-rays, this supra boat model is sure to outshine the rest. Comfortable chill tech vinyl lounges for 16 persons along with an Indmar 575 Supercharged Raptor are some characteristics features of this super high class to be launched supra boat.Surely the look of this one may have allured you so much, you will stop to look at this at least once.

Like a red-riding hood, the red lounges mark the stylish look of this supra model, having a total seating capacity of 18, a width of 102 inches, a phenomenal fuel capacity of 83 and a draft of 28, this one is sure to fight its way through the waters just like a fighter aircraft. Be ready to derive maximum joy on your next boating expedition with this Supra boat.

Blue gives it the color of royalty,and why not this one gives you just that feel! Authentically exotic convertible double rear-end seating arrangement with broad lounges let you unwind and relax in the bright sparkling sun to thrust yourselves with full energy in your wakeboarding or skiing activities.

A 23 inch 5-meter platform gives sufficient room for all your storage along with a 28-meter draft. This supra model has an Indmar 400 Raptor engine. The 17 seater lounges are compact, long and convertible. Think about this one before you decide on your final pick.

The basic design of most supra boats is almost the same, and this one is no exception. You would want to choose this 63 fuel capacity boat with and 22 inches 5-meter platform to rejuvenate in a merry ride with your close ones.

Conclusion – It has surely been a long journey for the Supra liners to reach the position they occupy currently, but the meticulous designing efforts of the manufacturers, keeping luxury as their priority has borne fruits. So sail in the luxury of the plush supra boats! What is more, Premier Watersports, a premium company since 2004 are the renowned dealers of various exclusive top leading collections of the inboard segment of the marine industry such as Moomba, Yamaha, Carolina, and our very own Supra boats. So be quick to visit us at Premier Watersports and choose from our wide range of Supra boats for sale to plunge in the beauty of nature, enjoying in the mystical deep blue seas.