Summer Boating: A Complete Guide On Must-Have Necessities On Your Boat Trip

The most awaited time of the year for sailing lovers has dawned, bringing with it stupendous ideas to enjoy extravagant Summer Boating expeditions with their kith and kin. Boating enthusiasts desire to cherish the warm sunshine, pleasant seas, and adrenaline rush that comes through sailing in the deep blue mystical waters.

But, before you embark on your travel to explore the unknown land and sea, whether you choose to go for day trips or longer ones, a properly planned voyage can save from ruining your unforgettable trip due to any glitches. So build your to-do list way in advance to ensure that all needed is on board to enjoy a safe and pleasurable boating trip.

Bifurcating what you need to carry into two broad categories:

Pre – Sail Preps

  • Legal formalities

Though this is the most boring part of a boating trip, we have to abide by the laws that are enforced by the legislation. Obtain all clearance in advance so that you do not run any risk to ruin your beautiful holiday. You must also research the laws of the intended destination as there may be slight variation in the norms.

Current boat registration, ID proofs and license for operating it is mandatory; just like you would need for driving any other vehicle. If at all you have no clue how to operate and manoeuvre the boats, you can always hire a captain and relax with your peers without any bother. A fishing license is what you will additionally need if you plan to add it to your fun activities.

  • Know your destination well

Advancements in the internet have bestowed us with a boon of GPS, which comes installed in most smart phones these days. Certainly you cannot afford to forget your charger if you are relying on GPS for directions. Yet you cannot totally rely on it, so you must at least have a route map and compass in case there is some hindrance.

  • Safety comes first

Life is extremely precious, thus there are so many rigorous guidelines to ascertain that there would be no chances of mishap. All boating equipment such as navigation tools, radio, and electronic equipment must be fully operational, not only to prevent any ordeals when you are stopped by any concerned authorities for inspection but also to ensure that you can establish communication if at all you get stranded mid-sea.

What you will require when on-board

  • Life Saviours:

We know it’s your time to rejuvenate, but the primary thing to check the minute you step into your vessel is to wear a safety jacket. No matter how much discomfort it may cause, but there is no replacement to this rule.

  • Dine without wine:

Unlike road trips, you are not going to be lucky to spot a Pizza or Snack outlet to pacify your hunger pangs. So with proper planning, you will have to make a list of all the groceries in the right proportion that you would need to prepare your meals to avoid any food wastage. Carry your perishables in portable coolers if there is no refrigerator on-board.

When on outings, you tend to leave your guilt behind as you generally would want to binge on some non-perishable snacks or cold drinks while on the deck spending some quality time chatting or playing. We strictly advise against carrying any alcoholic beverages.

  • Appropriate First-Aid Kit:

Your boating first aid kit might already have a few bandages, gauze, and antiseptic creams; however, it is always a good idea to toss in a few extra when you are preparing your kit as there as you may need it in case of any accidents or injury.

Every member must carry prescribed medication if they are taking any along with pills for routine problems like fever, motion sickness, antihistamines for allergies, and decongestants. Insect repellent and sunscreen are also prerequisites as the sun would kill you during the day and insects during the night.

  • Right Apparels:

Your clothing and shoes should be just right for this trip. You either need comfortable shoes or slippers as the boat surface tends to become slippery. Such expeditions make you messy, so carry an extra pair of shoes, towels, and clothes, and don’t forget plastic bags to safely pack important personal essentials from soaking. Although the temperatures may be soaring in summer, an extra jacket would be handy in case of any storms or windy weather conditions.

  • Fun Quotient:

Obviously, the sole purpose of this trip has to be recreation, so plan your time according to the liking of your group members. Carry a few board games, cards, and make a few exciting group games to engage each member. For water activities like wakeboarding, surfing, snorkelling you will need all the essential gears so stuff them in.

Picnics without music are unimaginable, so plan your playlist with your favourite music albums to shake it up through the night. These are the perfect times to go crazy; bonding closely with your family and friends, so a good quality camera is what will capture these beautiful memories for a lifetime.


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