Ten Advantages of Pontoon Boats and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Pontoon boats have attained great fame since its inception in the 1950s. These boats are striking to a wide array of boaters. Pontoon which was known to be just a boxy platform earlier has today undergrown good progress to emerge as a luxury pontoon boat with all kinds of pleasure for an amazing journey with family and friends.

Now let’s take a glance over at ten distinctive advantages of pontoon boats

1. Best suited for families with kids

When you have kids, you are more concerned and kids generally get bored on a traditional boat as they don’t get much space to run around. Elders often say “No” don’t go here don’t go there and that doesn’t make for an amusing trip.

On pontoon boats, there is wide room for your kids to play, hop, run and jump off, fish, wave the down-skier flag, ride the tube, enjoy with play dough on the table, etc. In all kids can be themselves and enjoy to the fullest. Also, these boats have railings so more safety when kids are concerned.

There are extra space and seating on a pontoon boat which means you can take in more people along with you for an outing whether family, friends or your kid’s friends. These boats have more stability and are smooth in maximum water conditions that means it’s easy to remain stable and comfortable during the water trip when aboard.

2. Versatile in Use

Maximum boats are designed for a very specific type of use. Ski boats and fishing boats are two examples of much-focused design. Although there are advantages to these kinds of specialized boats but these boats are difficult to use for any other purpose. 

Pontoons Boats are the perfect choice for the boat lovers who believe in versatile experience. Whether it is water skiing, fishing, tubing or mere recreation pontoon is one name for all the fun.

3. Huge Comfort

None of the other boats can match the level of comfort which pontoon boats can offer. With a wide and huge deck, it is a much more enjoyable trip on the water with family and friends. For anyone who encounters a pontoon boat for the first time, it’s comfortable room space and seating seems quite a refreshing change. Also, inherent stability plays a key role when it comes to the support part. 

4. Ample Storage Space

Storage might seem like a very minor benefit when you are new to the boating world. Once you have been around for some time you can realize how crucial it is to have sufficient storage space on the boat. What if you have guests to your boat and they all come with many baggages, extra clothing, blankets for chilly evenings, etc. On most of the boats, every single space is occupied with belongings. But in a pontoon, there is ample storage space to avoid cramped evenings and boring trip.

5. Easy to Use and Maintain

A pontoon boat is made up of quality aluminum so they dent easily than they tear. If you have experienced taking a boat to the river or lake which is shallow with rocks, you can easily expect that now or later, your boat would get a hole in the hull. With pontoon boats, this case is much less likely to happen and if at all happens it is cheaper to repair.

Another advantage of pontoon which makes it easier to use and maintain is its cleanup once you are back from your water trip. The ski boat users have a very hard time as they have to towel off their boats after every use, as the water spots on the gel coat paint are very hard to remove. While for pontoon owners it just a matter of simple trailer to drive away without anything. It’s a nice trip and simple pack up day on the water when all are tired and ready for food. 

6. Longevity

When you buy a pontoon boat, you better be sure it’s going to become a long-term relationship. When people buy boats for speed and fun, they always upgrade their boat to the latest model – which is not the case with a pontoon boat. Purchasing a recent and updated model will ensure you many years or proper functioning and you will most likely fall in love with “your pontoon”. As such, it’s nothing uncommon for people to have twenty to twenty-five years old pontoon boats.

When you go to buy a pontoon boat, be sure that it’s going to become your long-term partner. Generally, when people purchase boats for speed and whatnot, they always wish to upgrade to the latest model. But this is not the case with a pontoon boat. Buying a recent and updated model would ensure the best services and proper functioning for many years and you are bound to fall in love with your pontoon too much to seek something else. It is nothing new to find people who have their own twenty to thirty-year-old pontoon boats.

7. Safety

Pontoon boats are completely safe as they are fenced in with high side rails. Also, these boats are heavy and huge so higher chances of safety. Driving thus becomes easier as they are less likely to flip-off. Although we can’t deny the dangers if you drive very roughly, at a higher than recommended speed and try to flip off at full speed. But generally as per the US Coast Guard statistics, pontoons are highly safer as a class. Don’t forget to get the basic safety equipment on board when you go on waters if in case some emergency might arise.

8. Project Boat

Even if a pontoon gets older, still its usage is there. Older pontoon boats are great project boats. Its simple design makes it easier to upgrade its motor or even change its check or seating cushions. It is handy to give a pontoon boat a unique and fresh look every few years that is if you are not satisfied with one layout today you can spend some more time and do DIY improvements and customize as per your taste.

9. Relatively Cheap to Insure

Boats are expensive and the insurance costs can be an added expenditure. Pontoon boats tend to have lesser premiums, this is because most pontoons don’t hit very high speeds (unless of course, the driver opts for a high-performance triton or alike).

10. They Hold Their Value

If you own a pontoon boat for the first time, you would like to upgrade and customize your boat as per your taste in a couple of years. The best advantage of pontoon boats is that they don’t depreciate too badly; they hold their value as compared to other boats. But you need to take good upkeep of them.

Pontoon can be said as a smart financial investment, as even if you upgrade or sell your boat you can get the best price in the market.

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