The Amazing Pleasurable Boating Experience on Yamaha Boats

If this is the first time you are considering buying a boat, then probably you would have heard many advise you to close your eyes and go for the Yamaha boats.

Yamaha has been the go-to choice for many when they want a reliable, quality boat that lasts a lifetime. Yamaha has been manufacturing boats for the past 60 years, innovating, revising and including new technologies to provide better boating experience. And, from the looks of it, Yamaha is one undefeated leader in the boating industry. Yamaha boats were recently crowned the winner of the ‘2019 Innovation Award’ at the Miami International Boat Show and it shows that Yamaha is still got it!

At Premier Watersports, we have several refurbished and new Yamaha Boats For Sale, waiting to give you a thrilling boating ride! Want to know more about why Yamaha boats are the best? Read on to find out!

Yamaha Boats – The Best Among All

With so many brands manufacturing boats, it can be confusing to choose a proper one that fulfils your expectations. However, if there is one trusted brand among all that will never fail to please, it is Yamaha.

You can never be wrong with a Yamaha boat! With the versatility and the remarkable way of driving control it provides, Yamaha boats are every boater’s dream. Like the founder of Yamaha, Genichi Kawakami said stated, “If you are going to make it, make it the very best there is,” Yamaha boats are one of the best boats you can ever find!

Yamaha boats have superior features designed to ensure a pleasurable driving experience. The innovative, new Yamaha boats coming out recently have been designed to increase the ease of use and give more control to the driver. Here are a few top features of Yamaha boats that make it an all-time favourite.

Fuel-Efficient Jet Propulsion System

If there is one thing that is the most vulnerable in the system of a boat, then it is the propeller. The obstacles in the water could damage the propeller system which makes it a challenge to drive safely. Also, you cannot drive in the shallow water bodies with the traditional propeller system as you may never know when an object could damage the propeller and cost you hundreds of dollars fixing it.

However, Yamaha has solved this major issue with its jet drive system. They have simplified the propeller system with an uncomplicated change in the mechanics. The propellers are internally housed and water is sucked in through these propellers and expelled through the marine engines. This system eliminates the problem of getting the propeller damaged.

Also, this simplified jet drive system of new Yamaha boats allows the boat to rise quicker with minimal uplift of the bow. With this new jet drive system, the big old engines won’t be occupying an ample space on the boat. Instead, Yamaha has converted this space into an internal swimming platform where children and adults can have a great time.

Intuitive Handling and Advanced Control System

Yamaha has its patented technology called the DRiVE, which is a dual-paddle control system that helps you to dock the boat easily and also help in effortlessly handling the boat when driving at a low speed.

Another supreme feature of the Yamaha boats is the Advanced Response Handling System that provides three modes designed to provide complete control of the boat to the driver.

  • Articulating Direction Keel helps in keeping the boat on its course and provides stability when you need to manoeuvre in a small gap.
  • No Wake Mode maximizes the thurst of the jet engines in the No Wake zones that helps to maintain the perfect speed.
  • Thrust Directional Enhancer provides better control when driving the boat at low speed by thrusting the water at the right angles to ensure stability.

Fantastic Experience with Great Surfability

If you are the one who loves to ride on the surf wakes, then Yamaha boats can make it happen for you. The new Yamaha boats of the 212X and 242X models come with the SurfPointe, which is a patented technology of Yamaha.

SurfPointe enhances the surfability when riding on the wake that provides an amazing experience, all the while providing the driver with complete control of the boat. There is no need to enable this feature as it is always on!

So, the next time you want to ride a wave with great push, the SurfPointe will automatically make it happen for you!

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