Weekend On Water: Water Sports to Try This Summer

With summer vacations lined up and temperatures soaring high, some relaxing activities are just what you need. What better way to unwind along with adrenaline rush than some exhilarating water sporting activities. Most waterfronts are well-equipped to provide their visitors with a memorable experience by trying out numerous exciting water sports. So chill with your peers while sipping a cocktail and getting tanned in the lap of Mother Nature.

Ready-Steady-Get Set- Go! Here is our list of some mind-boggling water sports to try out this summer.

1. Snorkelling and scuba diving:

Both these are family water sport and are thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones. The under waters are bestowed with numerous bounties that are worth exploring. You can plunge into the waters with the appropriate breathing gear and explore the vibrant underwater world with breathtaking species of fishes and coral reefs.

These excursions are particularly carried by professional groups and the equipment is easily available. However, if you are an expert you can go as far you wish to unravel the beauty of the mysterious under waters. The breathing apparatus for both are slightly different and so is the cost. Scuba diving is slightly more expensive than snorkelling.

Also, Scuba diving requires a certificate and technical training whereas there is no need for one in snorkelling. In fact, it is OK even if you don/’t know how to swim in snorkelling. But, both offer the same pleasure of plunging into the ocean waters and marvelling at the creations of the great creator.

2. White-water rafting:

Moving on from the oceans to the mountains, white-water rafting is an adventurous activity that involves immense speed and thrill. A fun-filled group activity, where teamwork is essential to avoid steering away from the right path. The wild waters will throw you off in all directions, so the correct sporting gears such as helmet, life jackets, and knee pads are a must to avoid being hurt. The bumpy ups and downs offer a superb experience!

3. Parasailing:

Let/’s fly in the skies like the birds with a vessel strapped to your waist. This vessel is pulled on the other end by a swiftly moving boat, which helps the parachute attached to your vessel to catch the wind and propel you high up in the air. With salty water splashes and gusty winds, this is a thoroughly relaxing and exciting sport. It is worth trying out this sport at least once. It is not as fearful as other activities as it is much secure and controlled. You won/’t regret even a moment of your time spent in the air!

4. Banana boat ride:

Hop on the inflatable banana boat wearing safety life jackets with your clan and experience a bumpy ride. This banana boat is pulled by a speedy motorboat that is suddenly overturned, to provide you with fun in the drenching hot summers. When you look at others doing it, you may be intimidated. But, shun the fear and try out this adventurous sport to chill out in the hot summers.

5. Jet skiing:

Adrenaline junkies go bonkers over the thrill and excitement of this water sport. Hold on to your ski boat wearing a life jacket for safety and wade swiftly through the waters to get your adrenaline rushing. Jet skis bought or rented, functions like motorcycles in the deep blue seas.

6. Kayaking:

Kayaking is a relaxing water sport, letting you enjoy the cool breeze and serene natural beauty. It is also a great way to exercise your upper body. Paddling through the waters can be so much fun that you can get carried away, losing the track of time. Get set to submerge your soul in peace!

7. Wakeboarding:

Like surfing, you need to stand upright on a wakeboard that is attached to a boat with a wire. As the boat picks up speed, you can try different tricks while being towed by the boat. Enjoy the splashes of water while witnessing a great surge in your adrenaline with this simple water sport that is easily accessible for everyone.

8. Water skiing:

You love snow because of skiing. Right? You will witness just about the same punch with water skiing as well. The only difference between wakeboarding and skiing is that instead of using a wakeboard you use a pair of skis attached to a boat. You can have a blast with this wonderful water sport!

9. Kite boarding:

With your feet attached to a wakeboard, you need to hold on to a tow bar to maneuver the parachute-like kite for this sport. So ideally this sport can be enjoyed without a boat. While drifting through the waters with speed, you can cherish gushing waters hitting you hard.

10. Stand up paddle boarding:

This newly discovered and fetish by water sport enthusiasts is a simple fun activity that is gaining much popularity. No prior lessons even for a newcomer. This simple fun activity requires you to stand on a stable and large board, unlike kayaking where your back can hurt due to continuously sitting for a long time. Paddling across lakes and rivers can be awesome fun on your stand up paddleboard.

11. Surfing:

This water sport has been around for ages. It is total fun for the entire family. The surfer usually awaits a big wave to hit the surfboard so that he can ride on the forward part of the moving wave. Voila! Once the waiting time is over the thrill and excitement are at its peak carrying the surfer towards the shore.

12. Fishing:

Can you even afford to miss out on this one? A favorite pass time among all age groups. Our Sylvan Fishing Boats is a class-apart, offering you luxury and comfort. To enhance your fishing expedition, jump onto one of our flattering Sylvan Fishing Boats and cherish a fun-filled excursion with your loved ones.


So let’s beat the heat this summer by trying out one of these exciting water sport activities. Be ready to put on your appropriate sporting gear, keeping safety as your priority and take a plunge into the mysterious waters.

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