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Pontoon boats are among some of the best-known models for the past few decades and the trend seems to continue in the future too. A Pontoon Boats is an ideal match whether you are looking to party, fishing, spending quality time with friends and family outdoors, strolling, etc. It is a flatboat that relies on air-tight hollow tubes known as pontoons, designed to provide buoyancy. This boat comes with a wide deck that assists nice deck plans fitted with all sorts of accommodations like sun pads, stand-up bar, and lounge area.

These are all surface features and pontoon boats can be customized in several ways to meet up individual’s requirements and inclinations. Before giving a final call, carefully consider the below features to enhance your experience.

Primary purpose of the boat
The first question when you decide to go for buying should be its purpose. What do you wish to do in the pontoon boat? Look for boats that offer amenities which can balance the activities you enjoy.

Size of the boat
To begin with, opt for something manageable first. Start with something modest with which you can learn how to handle, drive and maintain a pontoon boat, without spending the higher cost. 

Let’s glance through general guidelines –

  • 16-19 feet – Carries up to 8 people; great for calm and small bodies of water
  • 20-22 feet – Carries up to 13 people; great for rivers and lakes that do not produce big waves
  • 23-27 feet – Carries up to 15 people; works best in rough waters, especially if tubes are 27 inches long too

Higher the capacity higher is the expenses. If you prefer to buy a bigger pontoon, you also need to have a bigger budget for add on(s) like fuel consumption, docking, storage, insurance, accessories repairs, and maintenance.

Seating capacity and configuration
Most of the pontoon boats come with the capacity plate. You can always make sure the boat’s passenger capacity. Do not surpass it.Before you finalize your boat, decide how many travelers you are planning to have onboard with you before determining a size.If maximum travelers are your priority, then much seating space is required. If sunbathing is your main action, then get a boat with chaise-style lounges and aft-facing.

Always check the engine of the boat you pick with the intended purpose of a boat. Also, check if the pontoon which you are considering has an NMMA – National Marine Manufacturers Association sticker that certifies the boat has been designed and built to national quality standards. 

Traditionally boats that are made up of wood and many modern boat builders still prefer to use wooden construction. Wood degrades the rots, wood warps make it necessary to repair and replace the same. The weight also increases as time passes. Compared to wooden boats, aluminum boats require lesser maintenance, and as an added advantage, they don’t get dragged down by accumulated water weight gain.

For optimum safety on the water, choose a pontoon boat that provides high performance with superior stability, agility, and ease-of-handling.

One of the foremost important concerns is the cost. Pontoon boats are priced as per the brand, quality of materials, deck size, and year of release, type of engine, engine size, tube size, and extra features. 

Resale Value
You will be glad if you thought this factor when the time comes to upgrade your pontoon or swap out your vessel when need and inclinations change over the years. Selecting a boat that is designed and built to retain its value will make things stress-free down the road.

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