Boating Safety Tips: Social Distancing Norms To Follow During COVID-19

Coronavirus has dramatically changed people’s lives across the globe. But boating still remains to be a preferable activity during this lockdown while adhering to the social distancing norms and following boating safety tips as per the Government’s safety directive.

We request you all to respect your state and local authorities.  If you are not aware of the current regulations or limitations for your boating area, you can connect with your state boating agency and inquire about access points and other vital information. 

And it should be very well noted that we are not from a medical background and hence request you not to source your health advice exclusively from our boating blog. 

Do you think boating should be considered a safe social distancing practice?

The answer is yes but then all the boating safety tips should be obeyed with a great precaution to practice safe boating during this time.

Let’s check the usual applicable rules during this pandemic situation:

  • Stay in close proximity to your home. Do not take any halts/stops while traveling to and from the access site.
  • Boat with a limited people aboard that is taking only your immediate household no guests.
  • Do not try to raft up with other people’s boats or get closer to another boat by pulling up onto a beach as this step would put you in close vicinity with the occupants. At all times make sure to maintain a minimum distance of at least six feet from others.
  • Don’t go boating if someone in your boating group or you yourself are feeling sick. Stay home and follow the CDC guidelines.
  • Be extra careful and keep a safe distance from others while fueling the boat and performing things like loading up at the marina.
  • If you happen to touch any item that someone else might also have touched like a fuel pump or a marina gate lock, disinfect your hands by using a hand sanitizer or wash your hands as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to clean your boat after going out. This would ensure that no aquatic invasive species hitch on your boat and there is no trash or other items remaining on your boat.
  • Do not touch your face even if the wind is blowing your hair all over your face or even if it’s doused with salt water. Prefer to use your elbow rather than your hands like when you cough.

Finally, plan ahead of time to maintain safety and security but don’t plan to stop at a store and shop on the way.

How to sanitize boat during the COVID-19 emergency?

One of the important boating safety tips during this epidemic is disinfecting your boat. Boats being more airy and open as compared to stores, homes, and offices could be the new storehouse of the COVID-19 virus like many other solid surfaces. There won’t be any problem if you keep boating limited to your family only.

But what if you are looking to be extra careful and sanitize your boat? In that case, you need to go by the CDC recommendations. That means sanitizing your boat with EPA-approved disinfectants. It should be noted that some of the approved disinfectants (like acids or bleach) can harm your boat surfaces. Disinfecting chemicals if left on boat surfaces can discolor or damage the vinyls and canvass of your boat.

Make sure your boat has complete wash-down once the disinfection process is done. Maintaining a clean boat is the need of the time.

Adhering to the Bottom Line….

Boating is the best way of bonding with the family and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Boaters love for boating and getting out on the water, cannot be denied during these critical times of COVID-19 too. Boating can be enjoyed but adhering to all the guidelines by the government and maintaining social distancing norms is mandatory. Pick up your favorite boat from one of the boat dealers and feel the wind in your hair.

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So check out the regulations affecting your locality. Be extra cautious to maintain social distancing rules. And then cast off those worry lines as boating still remains the hands-down best way to adore living on planet Earth.

We eagerly await all our boat lovers to come back and enjoy water sports once things go back to normal post these vital times.

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