How to Buy the Perfect Yamaha Outboard

Whether you are a boater or an angler, you must be already familiar with Yamaha outboard. For over 30 years, Yamaha outboards have been synonymous with high performance, efficiency, and superior power. And of course, the most important one — reliability. But with so many Yamaha outboard options available at your disposal, how do you buy the perfect Yamaha outboard? Should I go for 2 strokes or 4 strokes? Big motors or cost efficiency? Such questions may cloud your purchasing decision.

Here, we have discussed some of the top features of the Yamaha outboards to help you make an informed decision.

If you love to spend time in the water as much as we do, then you should consider turning up or replacing your outboards every year to stay upbeat with all the water fun activities. And with Yamaha Outboards available in so many options, it won/’t be too difficult to get new outboards. But before you invest, consider answering these questions.

How many engines do you need?

The bigger, the better. That’s the general conception we have. You might be tempted to buy the one with the maximum horsepower. Of course, you can beat your mates in reaching the fishing spots or while racing up. But remember, with a bigger size you will be spending more on gas, equipment, and controls. So, consider the overall cost and the benefits before going for the biggest size of Yamaha outboard.

Consider your boat size:

You need to factor in the boat size while choosing your Yamaha outboard. Determine the number of riders in your boat while choosing the outboard. Use the horsepower rating guide as your base for research. 

How far do you want to ride?

Another important question to answer before you determine the outboard. Do you want to ride a short distance just for fun? Or want to travel a long distance in your boat? Choose your Yamaha outboard accordingly.

Check out the installation details:

Yamaha outboards need a lot of installations for it to perform the way it has been designed. Consider all the installations you need to do — controls, electricals, or digital equipment, and wiring to ensure you are aware of all the installation needed before making a purchase. Don’t let last-minute surprises catch you off guard which can become a costly affair later. 

Consider the jet power:

Do you want to zoom in to those hard to reach places? Then you should get the jet power enabled Yamaha outboard – The adventurous 4 stroke series. It can do stuff that you wouldn’t expect from a conventional outboard. Reach rapids, sand bars, or shoals just like that using the high-pressure nozzles of the jets. If you want to get some adrenaline rush, ditch the traditional propeller and go for jet powers.

Compare costs:

Of course, you have a budget in mind, so compare the costs among the various options along with their performances to choose the best outboard for yourself. Along with the price of the outboard, consider the size of the boat, if you are going to add more weight to your boat, keep the fuel efficiency, and similar factors in mind. Alternatively, you can take the help of an expert advisor to determine the cost for your Yamaha outboard. 

Factor in portability:

The Yamaha outboard is evolving to be powerful and smaller in size so that you carry it along with you wherever you go. The slick outboards are great in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, with superb torque. Choose among different models available to pick the one that suits your requirement. 

Now that you have made your purchase decision, keep these Yamaha outboard maintenance tips handy!

  • Keep an eye on hoses and fittings to ensure water is running through them to avoid overheating.
  • Don’t leave out the props. Minor damage can lead to a big one affecting your cruising speed.
  • Fuel stabilizers are must-have, especially with ethanol fuels.
  • When the motors aren’t in use there are chances for condensation of the fuel. Ensure your fuel tank is always filled. 

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