How To Choose The Best Outboards For Repowering Your Boat In 2021?

For many boaters, repowering their existing boat with a new engine or engines is the best option. In many circumstances, the existing boat is in excellent condition and meets the demands of the boater, so installing modern marine propulsion, whether outboard, sterndrive, or inboard makes a lot of sense from both a practical and budgetary standpoint.

Repowering a boat usually results in a more efficient boat that runs cleaner and has modern comforts like fly-by-wire controls, joysticks, digital gauges, and monitoring. Check out the boats for sale to find out the perfect solution if you are planning to choose the best outboards for repowering your boat in 2021.

However, there are certain factors you need to consider while choosing an outboard for repowering your boat. Some of the factors include outboard engine horsepower, outboard engine weight, costs of outboard, and outboard engine controls as well as accessories. Check out the below headings to know briefly about the factors.

Outboard Engine Horsepower

The size of the outboard motor you need to repower is determined by how happy you were with the boat/’s performance with the amount of power previously. If the boat has always felt a little disappointing, it is obvious that you should boost the stakes. However, rather than simply replacing what you currently have, this is an opportunity to upgrade the boat. The online boat dealers come with a lot of options to choose from, so, if you want an outboard with super horsepower, go shop now! Would it be enjoyable to use another 50 or even 100 horses, even if they are not /”necessary/”? If that is the case, now is the time to act.

In today/’s world, repowering may allow you to go from a single to twins, or from twins to a single. Single-engine rigs are easier to maintain and more efficient than twin-engine rigs. You may replace a pair of 200-horsepower outboards with a single Yamaha F425 XTO outboard without adding more than 20 pounds to the transom weight.

Check out the Yamaha Outboards with amazing horsepower and pick up the best.

Although repowering with a mega-motor like this will necessitate replacing additional systems like controls and monitors. Find out the best boats with killing horsepower, and trust us, you will be surprised!

Outboard Engine Weight 

Weight comes with power, and in some circumstances, weight can be minimized. However, in some cases, it may rise. Weight up to and down has always been a constant issue when thinking about outboards.

While this used to be a significant issue when replacing older two-stroke outboards with four-stroke outboards, current four-strokes have reduced the weight significantly. However, it can still be a problem in some instances.

Take, for example, the Mercury 600. How can you tell if your boat can take on more weight after a repower? On-the-water testing with simulated weight is the most effective way. Search for the best outboards to repower your boat at the amazing boat dealers online.

Costs of an Outboard

While the cost of a new outboard engine will vary depending on who you ask, one thing is certain: while repowering a boat with a new outboard engine would boost its resale value significantly, it will almost certainly not increase it as much as the cost of the new engine.

In the long run, you must remember that outboards, as well as boats, are not long-term investments, until and unless you are in a boating and adventurous business. Boats are not purchased out of need, they are more of an impulsive purchase.

However, rather than buying a new boat, you can do cost-cutting by repowering your old boat and choosing an outboard of an affordable brand. Furthermore, you may be able to reuse the gauges and/or engine monitors, as well as the steering and control systems if you choose an outboard with the same brand and size as the old one.

But, If you are not very keen on repowering and are keen to look for an affordable boat, then go for the shallow water boats for both amazing yet budget-friendly experience.

Outboard Engine Controls and Accessories

One of the sometimes-underestimated advantages of repowering with an outboard is the increased functionality and convenience of using those modern controls. True, you may want to re-use them in some circumstances to save money. Switching to new controls, on the other hand, might have major-league benefits in instances when considerable breakthroughs have been made.

In some circumstances, switching to new control systems can substantially improve your vehicle/’s handling and performance. Joystick steering becomes feasible if you update the Yamaha Helm Master EX system, for instance.


Repowering with a modern outboard system also allows for the installation of digital engine monitors, which are a significant improvement over the older analogue system. You will be able to see exactly how many RPMs your outboard is churning at any one time, as well as retrieve essential information like fuel usage and miles per gallon and critical data like failure codes. Especially if you are going for a day cruising trip, you might need a boat with an outboard that can run for a longer time.

Check out which types of boats are best for a day cruising trip if you are confused about which one to choose.


Now that you are armed with the knowledge of outboards, if you are wondering how to repower your boat, we believe you should be able to make the right choice. For more information on which boat to choose for the best summer boating trip or pick up an outboard, check out the boats for sale at Premier Watersports. You will find various options that will make your decision super simple!

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