What to know before buying a Yamaha Outboard

In the past, the selection of an outboard engine happened to be a fairly simple choice just between 2-stroke and 4-stroke. With two strokes you had lightweight and simplicity along with vigorous throttle response, excellent hole-shot, smoother, cleaner and refined operation. Compliance with environmental standards and a dire urge to select the most efficient and cleanest option has led to an array in the choice of outboards.

Today a range of outboard models are available for selection from Seven Marine, Yamaha, Mercury Marine, Evinrude, and others.

One of the undefeated leaders in the boating industry is Yamaha. At the Miami International Boat Show, Yamaha boats were crowned as the winner of the ‘2019 Innovation Award’. Whether new Yamaha boats or pre-owned, they are the best due to its design features and its engine systems. With a thirst for innovation, new Yamaha boats are there to create extraordinary experience and value to each of its customers.

In this blog post, we will be focusing mainly on Yamaha outboards. With unmatched performance, legendary reliability, incredible power, industry-leading innovation and unique customer satisfaction Yamaha outboards are outstanding.

Now let’s glance over at some of the key points to be kept in mind before you go for purchasing a Yamaha outboard.

  • Consider the boat size

Before you decide the size of the outboard boat motors you want to buy, it is necessary to figure out the size of your boat.

Your boat possesses all the information as to how many passengers can go safely. This information can be used to identify the motor size you would require.

The horsepower rating furnished on your boat can be used as a base guide. Of course the more the number of people as many horsepower you would require.

  • Decide on the horsepower needed

Higher the horsepower, the faster you go. Well yes, you will also be higher on the fuel, equipment, and control. Also, your boat comes with maximum horsepower capacity for a reason. It’s intended to keep you and your passengers safe.

Higher the horsepower you select the more is the cost. So unless you are participating in any competition or any such specific reason it is very important to see the overall cost.

  • Choose your destination

Ask yourself where you wish to go; this can be useful in selecting the correct boat motor. Having the perfect motor and gear can unleash a huge difference. If your requirement is something portable and small, Yamaha has an answer.

  • Overall Cost

Always consider the overall cost when it comes to choosing the outboard motors you require. This is not just limited to the price of the motor itself.

A well-versed advisor can help you decide upon the size of your boat and the motor you will require. With every motor, you are adding more and more weight to your boat.

If there is any kind of imbalance between the weights of your outboard motors they will ruin the fuel efficiency of your boat. You would be spending more than you need on fuel.

  • Portability

New Yamaha boats portable continue to get more powerful and smaller. The horsepower of their motors ranges from 20 to 2.5.

Other advantages of Yamaha portables are:

  • Unbelievable torque
  • Best performance
  • Great fuel efficiency

The Lightweight 4 Stroke Series
Models – F2.5/ F4/ F6/ F8/ F9.9/ F15/ F20

Now, what if you need to reach hard to reach places?

  • Jet Power

Jet Power enables you to reach hard to reach places
The Adventurous 4 Stroke Series
Models – F40/ F60/ F90/ F115/ F150

Yamaha boats comes with high thrust 4-strokes to get you where the conventional outboards cannot. High-pressure jet nozzles enable boaters to go about shoals, sand bars and rapids.

Jet options are best over a traditional propeller for places that are hard to reach.

  • Installation

Yamaha outboard motors have many advantages but there are specific requirements for each type. You need to install digital equipment, controls, and electrical wiring. Improper installation can be unsafe and costly.

Always ensure all the requirements before making the final purchase of your new outboard boat motors to avoid any costly surprises on the backend. Factoring in specific requirements, the size of your boat and the installation will save you a lot in terms of money, time and energy.

The above list is just a glance and keeping these points in mind can help you before you purchase a Yamaha Outboards for your new Yamaha boats.

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