2023 Moomba Boats: A Perfect Pick for the Water Sports Lovers

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The Moomba boat is perfect for those who love water and adrenaline-rushing rides.


Moomba is designed for watersports lovers looking for active boating, something similar to wakeboarding or surfing. Every model of Moomba is built and intended for endless summer days, peace of mind, and epic sessions. 

Moomba Boats are the most trusted, reliable, and high-performing towboats accompanied by style, comfort, and adventure, all put together in a single package.

To help you make the best decision, here are some of the standard features that make Moomba a great choice:

Powerful Torque

Water Sports require a boat with great power and torque, best found in Moomba boats. These boats are accompanied by the engines seen in F-Series Super Duty Trucks. Moomba is famous for its specialized water engineering and power-packed torque with best-in-class torque, horsepower, and out towing ratings. These boats exceed your expectations with TCP (Torque Centric Performance) and fuel efficiency.

Perfect Wake

When riding a Moomba boat, you will experience a different wave feel than riding in an average wave. This is because Moomba comes with a built-in Moomba SmartPlate and Flow 2.0 Surf System making versatility on the water a reality. Apart from this, the patented AutoWake with multi-sensor technology helps to adjust the ballast automatically and provides the best wake for every rider in every water condition. In addition, AutoWake also embraces a sensor that is continuously monitoring the boat for weight distribution.

The next descendant of Moomba SmartPlate is additionally 1.5 times larger than its forerunner, giving higher shaping capability and more planning aid even when the boat is fully loaded.

Intuitive Transom Walk-Across

All models of Moomba boats are designed to give you an effortless ride. Most models have intuitive transom walkthroughs and walk across with a step-down design to move between the swim deck and the cabin. Additionally, both Makai and Kaiyen models possess a scalloped walkthrough design for flawless moving through the transom zone.

Seven-Inch Touchscreen Display with Wireless Charging Pad

For a perfect experience, these boats come with a stylish dash designed with a seven-inch touchscreen display and a wireless phone charging pad. The display has been designed to provide an unobstructed driver view and one-touch switching among home, control, AutoWake, and navigation display outlooks.

Maximum Comfort

It is noticed that when a boat is good at performance, it often lacks comfort. But this is not the case with Moomba boats. Everything from speakers to seats onboard is designed to provide maximum comfort and pleasure at the forefront. You can enjoy the premium sound with 6.5-inch speakers and Bluetooth Fusion Stereo. A range of flooring options also accompanies these boats. In addition, all Moomba boats come with standard non-skid flooring that offers the best durability, extra traction, and comfort in an easy-to-retain package. So, you can now enjoy yourself like crazy with your friends and family without worrying about your safety.

A3 Premium Tower Bimini with Surf Storage

The A3 tower in these boats is designed to work rapidly and efficiently. It has easy fold assistance, multiple board rack options, and optional bimini. Besides color accent options and logo lighting, the Moomba A3 tower is another notable feature.

Pro-Tower with Fold Assist

Moomba boats are backed with high-performing and stylish pro-tower with folding assistance. Along with bimini with surf storage, standard LED lighting, and surf pylons on each side, these are versatile and sleek towers that fold up and down with great comfort. 

Convertible Rear Facing Seat

The Moomba series comes with a standard convertible sliding rear seat designed for convenience and smart design solutions. This configuration can quickly convert from a traditional bench to a rear-facing seat for passengers to enjoy the action behind the boat. In addition, an optional backrest is provided, which enhances the comfort factor of this classy feature.

Moomba was as good when it rolled out, and now it’s even better with enhancements and more stylish features than before. This year Moomba boats have released new versions for Max, Mojo, and Makai that will add to your experience. With more comfort, better performance, and a sleek design, these boats will make your days on the water more memorable than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Pick any of the latest models from the most trusted Moomba boat dealers in Knoxville that works best for you!

Upcoming 2023 Moomba Boats Series

2023 Moomba Mojo: Raise your Bar

2023 Moomba Mojo- Premier Watersports

If you are looking for a powerful and feature-packed Moomba boat that is sure to turn heads, then the all-new 2023 Mojo is the one for you. This 23′ beauty was designed with style and performance in mind, doing full justice to the Moomba legacy. 

Boat lovers everywhere will surely appreciate the all-new hull design that provides a softer, more comfortable ride and added length, resulting in an even better wake.

2023 Moomba Max: A Dream Boat for your family: 

2023 Moomba Max- Premier Watersports

The Moomba Max is built to go big – with a massive 4000-pound ballast capacity and a vast wake; it’s perfect for riders who want to push their limits. Its deep hull design provides storage space for every need and a comfortable dry ride, even in rough water.

With a massive length of 22′.6″ and a capacity for 17 people, you can now take your entire crew out for a day on the water and enjoy pro-level wakes and waves with a touch of a button.

2023 Moomba Makai – An Absolute Stunner

2023 Moomba Makai- Premier Watersports

Are you looking to make a statement on the water? Then the all-new Moomba Makai is the boat for you. Trust Premier Watersports, the most reputed boat dealer in Knoxville, when we say there is no other 24′.5″ wake boat on the market that can match Makai’s style, performance, and jaw-dropping features at this price point. With the max capacity for 18 passengers and 4000 lbs of ballast, the Makai will surely throw the best waves and wakes you have ever seen.

Moomba boats make your decision easy by offering best-in-class performance, style, and comfort at an unbeatable price. So, ready to step on Moomba and enjoy the ride of your life? Visit Premier Watersports, the leading Moomba boat dealer in Knoxville, TN, to check out the latest models and take your pick. Our experts will be happy to help you select the perfect boat based on your expectations and budget.