Boat Buyers Guide to Choose Between Boat Dealers and Boat Brokers

Getting a new boat may be a thrilling experience, but it can also be a difficult task involving numerous decisions, therefore professional assistance in the form of a marine salesperson may be beneficial. New boats are available through a dealership representing a certain boat manufacturer, as well as directly from trustworthy boat dealers, in terms of quantity or variety.

A broker, a private seller, or, more rarely, a dealer who acquired a boat in trade and is now reselling it can all be used to purchase a pre-owned boat.

Buying from Boat Dealer vs Boat Broker


If you/’ve narrowed your options to a dealer for new models and a broker for pre-owned boats, there are certain advantages to both, as well as recommendations on how to complete the transaction. Make sure you/’re well-informed about the process and have evaluated your alternative options before pursuing this path. To make it easy for you, we have come up with a direct guide that can help you differentiate between a boat dealer and a boat broker.

Buying a New Boat Through a Boat Dealer

Dealers are well-versed in the brands they sell and service and can answer detailed questions about them. Dealers service the brands they sell, and they/’ll handle any future repairs, upgrades, or replacements. For warranty work, dealers serve as a mediator between you and the manufacturer. Boat finance can be arranged with the help of dealers.

Certified Marine Industry Dealers must fulfil high customer service requirements and have agreed to comply by the Marine Industry Consumer Bill of Rights, ensuring that you have redress if something goes gravely wrong.

If a dealer doesn/’t have exactly what you/’re looking for on the showroom floor, they can order it for you, allowing for considerable customization and the addition of cutting-edge equipment. Shop for the latest and fresh models of Pontoon Boats at the boats for sale. Also, find out more about the types of boats suitable for boating in the lake when you are planning for a family get together on the weekend.

Your local boat dealers could be able to assist you to buy new boats. Inquire about the expense of storing your boat on the property with a conspicuous for-sale sign if the dealer/’s site is more visible than your own.

  • Things to remember when buying a boat from a boat dealer:

A dealer will try to create a relationship with you, boosting the chances that you will buy your next boat there, even if they are not making money on the actual sale. Remember that a trade-in may save you money on taxes because you won/’t be paying sales tax on the entire price, but only on the amount less your traded value. This could make it easier as well as more cost-effective.

If you/’re not in a hurry, buy in the off-season. Especially in chilly northern locales where dealer inventory is merely sitting, September through February can be ideal months for cheaper pricing.

For even more savings, purchase a model from the previous year/’s dealer stock.

If you/’re purchasing a custom boat rather than buying one off the shelf, see if the dealer would pass on the savings from not having to store and finance it.

Before going into a dealership, narrow down your options to a few models to expedite the process while also demonstrating to the salesperson that you know what you want.

Request a test drive from the dealer. You do not need to make an offer on a new boat to go for a test drive.

Remember that boat dealers have fewer profit margins than automobile dealers, so your haggling should be reasonable.

Buying a New Boat Through a Boat Broker

Brokers publicize their inventory on a variety of websites, so rather than trawling classified ads, you may be able to identify and research the model you want immediately.

Brokers who list nationally attract purchasers from outside the nearby area, giving you a wider selection of possibilities.

Used boats have already experienced some depreciation, and the down payment may be smaller, allowing you to stretch your dollar farther. A broker can help value a used boat and can connect you with marine lenders who can help you finance used boats that are (sometimes) difficult to finance.

If you are not comfortable bargaining or asking for modifications, brokers can do it for you.

A professional yacht broker earns a commission in exchange for handling the details, from placing the first ad through finishing the purchase. A good broker, especially one who specializes in your style of boat, may be able to offer you a better deal. Showings, sea trials, and communication with other professionals (such as surveyors) will all be shortened, saving you time and frustration.

  • Things to remember when buying a boat from a boat broker:

In the pre-owned boat market, brokers might represent either a buyer or a seller. Although they may concentrate their efforts on a specific sort of boat, they aren/’t limited to a single manufacturer and can often evaluate several boats within a category, giving you more options.

Brokers are similar to real estate agents in that they help people buy and sell homes. Find one, be devoted to them, and put them to work for you.

Inquire about a model/’s history with the broker. They should be able to find out more about anything suspicious.

Remember that the broker’s commission will be taken from the seller’s net so be moderate with your offers.

Allow the broker to handle the negotiations to save you from unnecessary hassle.

Inquire about the broker/’s resources, such as financing agencies, insurance companies, and service/repair companies. Because used boats present different issues than new boats, you may require a large support network.

Make sure the broker is good at communicating and organizing because both will be required while performing a pre-owned boat/’s sea trial (test drive) and survey. Ensure that the boat has the required horsepower or if it needs repowering. Choose the best outboards for repowering your boat if the pre-owned boats lack the same.


Whether you are dealing with brokers or dealers, make sure your agreement is unambiguous and, ideally, written down. A formal agreement can help to eliminate the possibility of a misunderstanding. If you decide to sell your own boat, be professional throughout the process. This guide will lead you through the details so you may leave satisfied. Get in touch with the best boat dealers in town – Premier Watersports to get your hands on top-quality boats for sale.