Complete Guide on Cruising in Fall Weather

Cruising in Fall Weather - Premier Watersports

Fairweather boaters have a preconceived notion that the four-month warm-weather is the best time to enjoy on-water adventures. Those with a traditional summer boating mindset think that autumn is the season of changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. But, sadly they are missing out on some best cruising experiences of the year. There are numerous advantages to extending your boating season in the fall that the rest of the year does not offer.

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Here we give you a complete guide on cruising in fall weather:

It’s calm and quiet:

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Since warm weather is apt for cruising, many boaters flee the waters with the onset of fall, leaving the launch ramps and marinas less crowded. It means that you will face very little boating pressure; your journey from the boat ramp to the launch lanes will be smooth without further ado. Autumn boaters will feel lucky to have the anchorages and sand bars all to themselves with a guaranteed seat at their favorite dockside restaurant.

What is more, the water is quieter, and you have the privilege to enjoy the picnic spots all by yourself. With fewer wakes, you stand a better chance to enjoy prime fishing, swimming, and tow-sports. 

Off-season cruising joys:

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The cool, crisp autumn air offers a welcome break from the scorching summer heat and dreaded sunburns. You can enjoy the luxury of cruising in the cool autumn temps without lying in a puddle of your sweat. Although the autumn wind blowing in your hair is invigorating, don’t forget to pack some warm clothing. Or else you will have nothing to fight against the autumn chills. The mercury drops pretty fast as shorter days mean less sunlight in fall.

While boating in autumn, you will see abundant migratory birds tour the skies. Much like the fall leaves that are all around you, these birds will follow you everywhere. Take a pair of binoculars without fail and enjoy some fun time with your family in guessing the name of different bird species. Not to forget the starry skies that shine so brightly, casting the night shadow as you enjoy some peaceful moments with your family.

Perfect time for leaf-peeping:

To witness the trees in their colorful glory, depicting the crimson, red, and orange hues of the fall foliage by boat, is nothing short of heavenly bliss. The charm of the vivid colored fall leaves dancing to the tunes of the blue waters will leave you mesmerized for a long time. The breathtaking views of the coastal scenery in fall offer a composite of candid picture-perfect moments to grab on your mobile phone.

As the days grow shorter and nights turn cooler, the hardwood trees will flaunt their true colors. The nature of the landscape surrounding your cruising destination will ensure where you can see the best autumn foliage shows. We urge you to study the best fall foliage destinations before you start cruising to enjoy your leaf-peeping cruise.

Fishing and water activities can be more fun:

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You will be amazed that the water remains quite warm even after the average air temps drop. When the waters get cooler for swimming, fishing action typically gears up. Pontoon boats are simply perfect when it comes to fishing and water activities. Without doubt, water activities can be fun, considering the climate and temps as compared to summer.

As the temps drop with autumn setting in, many game fish species get more active. They move towards the shallow waters, where they become more accessible to anglers. Autumn is inarguably the finest fishing season to snag as much fish as your heart desires or as much as your freezer can hold for making a fish fry. The fishes are fat and healthy as they feed heavily to survive during the lean winter months.

Fall fashion and boating accessories:

Insulated apparel can keep you warm on the deck or in the waters as the weather turns chilly. There are some awesome styles, colors, and fabrics of wet suits and insulated water wear that you can don for superior comfort. They are best suited for pursuing a range of water activities even in the colder temps. If you enjoy staying on the deck and gazing at the beautiful skies, a specialty of activewear is designed to keep the body warm and comfortable.

A portable canvas is among the best boat accessories that can transform an open cockpit into an enclosed cabin in minutes. Custom-made transparent panels of isinglass serve as an excellent tool to cut the wind, spray, and rain, allowing an unobstructed view of the surrounding areas. For additional warmth and comfort, portable boat heaters can also warm the cabin. You can use chemical and rechargeable heating pads (reusable or single-use) that are available in various shapes and sizes to maintain a comfortable body temperature while cruising.

Along with the above-mentioned perks of cruising in fall, it demands a few safety measures as well:

  • Wear a PFD to avoid the initial shock of cold-water temperatures during fall.
  • Dress in layers, to be prepared for the semi-extreme fall temperatures changes. Don’t forget to carry gloves, scarfs, blankets, woolen caps, etc. to beat the autumn chills.
  • The weather in fall can sometimes become quite unpredictable, making boating difficult even for aficionados. Check the weather and your VHF before setting sail, to avoid any problems. Don’t forget to bring plenty of light and fully charged cell phones before you set on the waters.
  • Ensure your boat and gears are in good working condition as the solitude might turn into a liability in the event of a breakdown. Since it is off-season, you might not have other boats in the vicinity to turn to for help. Depending on your location, patrol boats may be few and far, so help may not be available with ease.
  • Whether boating in a group or solo, file a float plan with a responsible person ashore. In case you are overdue, the person can contact the relevant authorities to come looking for you.
  • Beware of the water depth at all times and keep looking for underwater obstructions as the water levels can drop low in fall.


Inform everyone aboard about the chilly conditions before welcoming them to enjoy the autumn cruise with you. While following the social distancing norms during COVID-19, enjoy your special time on the waters this fall by purchasing one of our boats for sale. Premier Watersports have some amazing Pontoon boats for sale that will make your cruising experience worthwhile.