How to protect your Yamaha Outboards from Ethanol

If your version of fun and relaxation is boating, you must not miss it. Yamaha boats are among the highest quality leisure products and one of the best in the country due to its engine systems and design features. Its propeller system is designed in such a way that it can venture into muddy as well as shallow places with ease. These boats are best for a family picnic or time-out with friends.

Now let’s think your adventure is spoiled by your Yamaha boat bobbing dead in the water while you try to trace and correct faults in a tank full of crappy gas. Now let’s understand how this scenario could have been avoided. Ethanol is the center of all problems here. Ethanol during its early introduction into the fuel supply created widespread problems that were costlier to both the marine industry and individuals.

Found in most of the retail available fuel, ethanol is corrosive; it absorbs moisture and is a solvent. Being alcohol, ethanol attracts water through the outlets in the fuel tanks or via condensation in the fuel tanks.

Another important issue with Ethanol is that it can loosen debris in your fuel system and bring this debris from transmission lines, fuel tanks,and even the pump at the fuel dock.  This debris can cause your motor to stop running at once or run poorly.

The call-to-action here is not fueling your boat with an ethanol-blend gas.No, as there is no choice;rather you require an ethanol defense strategy.

Let’s have an overview of the four-step solution to protect Yamaha outboards from ethanol.

Step 1

Mount a ten-micron water-separating fuel filter for the respective engine. This will help water to safely move out from the fuel and get aggregated at the bottom of the filter. Go for Yamaha spin-on 10-micron filter. Yamaha says its filters provide a 95% filtration rate almost double to the 51% filtration rate required for the ten-micron rating. This particular filter comes with an extra large water retention area and minutest of the debris will be avoided, only clean fuel will go to get you sailing.

Step 2

Always prefer marine-specific fuel stabilizer and conditioner every time you fill fuel. This will prevent to prevent oxidation and phase separation. Ensure that the marine product (stabilizer) is a non-alcohol based formulaYamaha’s proprietary stabilizer formula comes with anti-corrosive components that protect exposed solder, copper and other metals from the offensive sodium sulfate present in ethanol.

Step 3

Add an internal engine cleaner to safeguard your Yamaha outboards. Yamaha recommends Yamalube Ring Free Plus. This was originally developed to prevent carbon piling in the ring lands of 2-stroke outboards. 

Ring Free Plus helps you in three ways. Number one it stops carbon buildup on the engine components and enhances performance. Secondly, it safeguards engine components from getting corroded and thirdly cleans all the deposits off your fuel system and internal engine.

Step 4

Purchase your fuel from a good place that sells a lot of fuel. Get the most potent and fresh gas possible, as no one wants to get the remaining fuel that has been there around untreated.

In present times, ethanol-blended gasoline has an extremely short life. They start degrading in a few days after blending and refining. Buying gas from a high volume retailer helps you to be safe that you have purchased the freshest gas possible. Also, add an engine cleaner and stabilizer when you buy gas. This will ensure a long way to protect your investment in your Yamaha outboards from ethanol issues.

If you use your Yamaha boats less frequently or only on weekends or only during the boating season, it would be wise to keep your fuel level of the tank at 7/8 full with properly stabilized and filled with fresh gas. Maintaining the level of your tank when the boat is not in use prevents condensation buildup in the tank. Condensation generally occurs when moisture from the air, condenses in the fuel tank with changing temperatures. This is another source of water bonding reaching the fuel and bonding with the ethanol. 

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