How Many Hours are Too Many on a Used Boat

Introduction: Just like everything else in the world ages, so do boat engines. And one of the essential deciding factors while buying or selling a boat is the number of hours on it. So how do you define /”too many hours/” on a boat? In this blog post, we will cover: How to check the […]

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What Boat Size is Best for the Family

Introduction: Owning a boat is an exciting adventure that the entire family can enjoy. But newbies to boating may need help deciding which boat size suits their needs. There are a few things to consider when you decide to buy a boat, such as: Experience Location Towing/Storage Activity Dock Space Budget Factors to Determine the […]

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Importance and Benefits of Boat Detailing

Every boat on the water is exposed to the elements day in and day out. Sun, salt water, and wind all take their toll on the exterior of your vessel. Even though these are durable surfaces, they must be properly cared for and maintained regularly. This is where boat detailing comes in. Boat detailing is […]

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Boat Buyers Guide to Choose Between Boat Dealers and Boat Brokers

Getting a new boat may be a thrilling experience, but it can also be a difficult task involving numerous decisions, therefore professional assistance in the form of a marine salesperson may be beneficial. New boats are available through a dealership representing a certain boat manufacturer, as well as directly from trustworthy boat dealers, in terms […]

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Off-Season Guide For Storing Your Boat The Right Way

Putting your boats away till the next time is always a tough ask. Not only do you miss experiencing bliss in the waters, but putting it away is a hassle in itself. Boat owners often face the issue of storing their boats during the off-season or winter. Though it sounds simple enough to cover the […]

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